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Buddy "The Mush"

Banshee "Giggles"

Oooh! Ahhh! Wow...he's a polydactyl !!!

Well, the Mt Vernon Animal Shelter is obviously very lucky! We have the most intriguing type of cat on the planet; the polydactyl. Made famous by Ernest Hemingway, and now often found lounging in Key West at his home, we can now boast that we have one of our own.

Buddy and his 3 extra toes is not only interesting to look at, but his personality is sweet and gentle. Hug him, brush him and let him give the love right back to you!

This mush deserves to be in a nice home, and he is waiting for you to come and see him. He can be a little shy, but only needs a minute or two to remember how much he likes to be pet.

According to Irish mythology, a banshee would often appear to only select families, often as a goddess, and appeared to royalty as well.

Our "Banshee" isn't quite so particular. She'll gladly appear to anyone that will give her love and attention. She's quite the talker too! She's the dog version of a Siamese cat.

She knows commands, is curious about everything (lots of spirit!) and has a weakness for squeaky toys. Interesting coloring too - all white with three pronounced round brown spots on her back.

Want to be her best pal? Give Banshee some serious petting and scratching. Instant love - don't miss out on this one!

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Who We Are

Mt. Vernon Animal Shelter is a municipal shelter, dedicated to act as a safe haven for animals in distress. We actively promote adoptions and fostering. We believe that all dogs and cats should be cherished as family pets for the rest of their lives. Many of our animals have suffered abandonment, neglect or abuse. We are looking for caring and committed adopters. A home visit may be required. We thank you for visiting our Petfinder site and for considering one of our precious animals awaiting adoption.

Adopting or Fostering a friend

Our standard cat or dog adoption fee is $40. There is an additional fee of $2.50 for a dog license. The fee includes spaying/neutering, vaccinations and testing. Kindly note that an additional $35.00 REFUNDABLE deposit could apply if the animal is underage for spaying/neutering at time of adoption. Payment must be by personal check or money order. Sorry, cash and credit cards are not accepted.

How you can help

Provide a loving, permanent home for one of our residents.

We are also in desperate need of dog and cats toys, pet medications, treats, towels and wet food. Please see our website for other items at

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Mt. Vernon Animal Shelter
600 Garden Avenue
Mt. Vernon, NY 10550

Phone: 914-665-2444


Adoption hours: Open every day (except legal holidays). Dogs may be adopted between 11:00-2:00PM and cats 11:00-3:00PM. Please note: Adoption fees payable by check or money order only; no cash or credit cards accepted.

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