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Meet the Kitty Corner Cats Waiting for Adoption

Kitty Corner: Who We Are

Kitty Corner is an all-volunteer non-profit organization whose mission is to provide shelter, vet care and a chance for a new life in a loving home for homeless or abandoned cats and kittens. All of our cats are tested, vaccinated, microchipped, treated for parasites and, most importantly, spayed or neutered. Even kittens over the age of 8 weeks are altered through our "early age" spay/neuter program. We also work to overcome behavioral or emotional problems when necessary so that the cat will be a happy, adoptable pet.

We are not a shelter in the traditional sense. We live with the cats in our homes. When each cat is ready for adoption, we try to match it with the person or family for whom it is best suited. The happiness of the cat in its new people is our first priority.
All of our cats come with a lifetime "cat-back guarantee." If the adoption doesn't work out at any time, for any reason, the cat may be returned to us.

Kitty Corner is supported entirely by donations and by the fund raising efforts of our dedicated volunteers.

You are welcome to visit us by appointment - Just call 315-457-4420. We are located just outside Syracuse, New York, USA and can be reached easily from Interstate 81, Interstate 690 or the Thruway.

Adopting a Friend

Our adoption policies are simple: If you think you might like to adopt a cat or kitten from us, please call (315-457-4420) or e-mail us so that we can discuss the kind of cat you are looking for. Please remember that we have full time jobs aside from rescuing cats, so it may take a day or two to return your call. We'll call you back and discuss what kind of pet would best fit into your home, then you will be invited to come to Kitty Corner where you can pet, play with, and get to know all of our kitties to your heart's content.

If you find a friend to take home with you, we ask for a $80 donation which helps offset the vet care the kitty has already received. Every cat and kitten has been tested for Feline leukemia, Feline A.I.D.S., spayed or neutered (yes - even the kittens!), microchipped, vaccinated and treated for parasites.

Not every cat is suitable for every home and not every home is suitable for every cat. We take our responsibility for placing cats in the best possible home very seriously and we also want to find the best possible cat for each unique situation. If you are turned down for a particular cat, please don't take it personally. It just means that you may not be the right person for any of the cats we have at the moment or that we don't have any cats at the moment who would be right for you.

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Be An Angel -- Adopt a Special-Needs Cat!

Here at Kitty Corner we have chosen not to euthanize cats who are hard to adopt or who have special needs. Unfortunately, this means that there are many cats who are with us for a very long time. Though we enjoy them all, it means that we have to turn away dozens of very adoptable cats who could be placed quickly for every one of our "permanent" residents. There just isn't room to add new cats with so many permanent residents here. We know that many of the cats we turn down probably do not survive.

Ironically, there really isn't very much wrong with our less-than-adoptable cats. Most of them would be ideal pets in the right sort of home.
Consider Petunia, a gorgeous, long-haired tortoiseshell. She longs for attention but runs away when approached. Yet she can melt into a sweet, purring bundle of fur with the people she has learned to trust. But so many people want "instant love", that shy cats like Petunia, Nora, Palmer, Tinker, and so many more are often overlooked.

Do you enjoy working with animals? None of these cats would take very much time. They only need the right conditions and a person with lots of patience to help them bloom. By taking either of these cats, or any of our other special needs cats, you will be saving dozens, or perhaps hundreds of lives.


Kitty Corner News: Microchipping

All Kitty Corner cats are now microchipped! Few cats who wind up in shelters are ever claimed by owners. This is partly because identification of cats is a difficult problem. Many people do not put collars and tags on cats, and many cats will not wear collars, or they lose them. The microchip is a tiny transponder, about the size of a grain of rice, which is injected under the skin. If a lost pet is taken to a shelter, the animal may be scanned with a device that shows the microchip number, and the owner can then be contacted.
Microchipping is not nearly as common as it needs to be. Not all shelters or vets have scanners and not everyone who has a scanner uses it routinely because so few animals have microchips. We at Kitty Corner want to see this technology become so common that scanning is a routine part of every shelter admission (including surrendered animals) and every vet exam. Therefore we have decided to join the growing number of shelters who are microchipping all animals before adoption.
Here at Kitty Corner, it is our policy that any cat adopted from us may be returned at any time for any reason. There is no need for any Kitty Corner cat to ever wind up in another shelter, or to be abandoned on the streets. If that ever happens, we want to be sure that the cat comes back to us.

Early Age Spaying and Neutering Makes Sense.

Here at Kitty Corner, we have been spaying and neutering kittens at 8-10 weeks of age for a number of years now, and continue to be amazed at the results. Not only are the kittens altered before adoption, but the kittens seem to be less bothered by the surgery than the adults. Most of them are playing in the carrier on the way home and act as though nothing happened. They also heal faster and we have had no complications.

Studies done over many years have shown that there is absolutely no disadvantage to pediatric spaying or neutering. Worries that males who are neutered early might be prone to urinary blockages have been shown to be unfounded. Spaying before the first heat also protects females from breast cancer and other diseases in addition to unwanted pregnancy.

We do not allow any kittens to leave before they are altered, but if you get an unaltered kitten someplace else, please ask your vet to consider early-age spaying or neutering. You and your kitten will both be glad that you did.

Volunteering and Donations

We have a few very dedicated volunteers who come for a couple of hours a week to groom, pet, and play with the cats. Some of them also help with chores: everything from scooping litter boxes to vacuuming. They also help out as special events.
If you live in the Syracuse, NY area, and can spare an hour or two a week to help improve the quality of our cats' lives, please call us at 315-457-4420. the cats could really use your help!

Contributions of food and litter are always needed and are very much appreciated. We also need:

Would you like to contribute by credit card? Do you have a PayPal account? You can make contributions to Kitty Corner by going to the PayPal web page and clicking on "Send Money." It will be charged to your designated credit card or taken from your bank account as an e-check. You may use either of our e-mail addresses: or

Join our Kitty Corner "clickers!" is actually an on-line shopping mall with some great stores. (Check out!) All you have to do is join by giving them an e-mail address and some very non-personal information. Go to and click on the iGive link on the bottom of the page to Designate Kitty Corner as your charity. Kitty Corner will receive a percentage of anything you spend. A painless way to help us help more cats!
Do you ever buy pet supplies on-line? How about books from You can help Kitty Corner and shop at the same time! Go to and click on the PetSmart or icons at the bottom of the page. Both companies will donate a percentage of every dollar you spend to Kitty Corner, plus a few extra dollars if you are a first-time buyer --but only if you get to their page by clicking on the Kitty Corner page first, so please bookmark!

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