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MAKE YOUR HOUSE A HOME....Adopt a Pet from your local humane society or shelter! Bring a bundle of love into your home now. "Make Adoption You First Option". CONTACT our foster home TODAY in Corning, New York 607-962-4228! Click to see our adoptable pets! Click to see our pets! ... We have 4 adult and 3 senior cats available for adoption! They have been in foster care since 2003 and on. Please contact us now, as our foster home is not accepting new animals and is not the best conditions for these wonderful kitties. We have darling cats - great markings and wonderful personalities. Check out our pet list to read the heart-warming stories of the rescues that our cats have gone through to end up with us. Click to see our pets!


We have 7 cats available for adoption. Looking for a furry friend to grow up as part of your family? Give us a call now 607-962-4228 and leave a message for Kari (foster home mom). In regard to males cats, all of the males are neutered and range in age from 6 years old and up. All are very good with other pets and most with young children, and all are ready to come to your home. In regard to the female cats, all are spayed and range in age from 7 years old and up. We have medium and short-haired. Most are great with other pets (including birds) and children. Check out our pet list by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page to see all of our pets available for adoption. We have a Spay / Neuter Assistance Program for any person adopting a companion from us (that is not already altered - currently all of ours are). Participation requirements include low-income (federal guidelines used) residents within the City of Corning, Towns of Caton, Corning, Campbell, Hornby, Erwin and Addison, and the Village of Painted Post. The Corning Area Humane Society wants YOU! Your hometown Humane Society is a very small (3 people), enthusiastic group of volunteers dedicated to improving the lot of our animal friends. Only with the active involvement of caring people like you, we will be able to assure the humane treatment of animals in our area. Your help, your time, your energy, and yes, your donations do make a difference and will assist us in making it the reality to be able to help every animal that finds its way to us.

Who We Are

The Corning Area Humane Society is a private, non-profit organization , with NO EMPLOYEES< dedicated to providing humane services for orphaned or abandoned animals in the greater Corning Area of Steuben County, NY, including the municipalities of Corning, Caton, Erwin, Hornby, and Lindley. We are NOT A SHELTER though we do have cats in foster care!!!! This descriptive statement is perhaps the easiest thing to communicate about the work and services of the Corning Area Humane Society. It is making that vision a reality that is the hardest part! Not only does it take dedicated community volunteers donating hundreds of hours to plan, coordinate, investigate, operate, fund raise, manage, publicize. and provide service for the homeless, neglected, injured, and lost animals of all kinds; it takes our entire community to care and commit to providing humane services and shelter for those orphaned and abandoned animals. The Corning Area Humane Society is a small organization with no physical shelter! We receive no city, county or state monies, nor do we receive any grant funds at this time. All of our work is done by volunteers in their homes and expenses are paid based on the individual donations we receive. We have a wish list that we hand out of the public to help defray these expenses. Please share this list with your friends and family, and help us save lives. Wish list includes: Dry cat food, Canned cat food, Cat litter,Paper towels, Laundry detergent, Bleach, Baby blankets, blankets, towels, baby wipes, Medical Type Latex Gloves, Rubbing Alcohol, Cotton Swabs and Balls, Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap, Cat Treats, Trash Bags, and of course, monetary donations.

Adopting a friend

The Corning Area Humane Society provides healthy animals for adoption that are currently being taken care of in loving foster care homes. All animals are provided with veterinary care (including ALL of their shots) before we adopt them out (shots must me renewed at your vet each year thereafter.) We require that all cats be spayed or neutered within 30 days from the day of adoption (unless already altered or not 6 months old yet). There is an adoption fee for each animal as follows: $20 for any unspayed or neutered kitten; $60 for neutered male cat; and $80 for spayed female cat.. All unspayed/neutered animials adopted require a $35 spay/neuter deposit that is refunded to you upon proof of alteration. Call us today!

Come Visit Us!

Contact us via e-mail at (allow up to 14 days for a response) or call Kari at 607-962-4228 (We will respond back within one week) and leave a message about an animal you are interested in, or if you would like to be a volunteer - we are always looking for persons interested in becoming foster homes too!
Corning Area Humane Society
PO Box 453

Corning, NY 14830
Phone: 607-962-4228

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