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NEW!!! Please go to K9Kastle.org, our brand new website, and you can download an application, fill it out on your computer, SAVE it, and e-mail it back. If you have a MAC, it won't save, but you can scan and e-mail back, or fax to the number on the application itself. K9Kastle Corp. is a small, not-for-profit rescue group, rescuing animals from at-risk situations, rehabilitating and rehoming them. We get many, many cats and dogs from the NYC shelters, where the rescue coordinators work very hard to place every last animal in a better situation. As Emma Lazarus said: Give me your tired, your poor...Only we add..your sickly, your lame, your special needs, your elderly...because those are just some of the wonderful companion animals we take from their at-risk sources and rehabilitate into fabulous pets. Despite debilitating illnesses, fractures, congenital conditions, blindness, missing limbs and more, and we rarely say "no." We have several amazing vets who take care of them, do surgeries, chiropractic, acupuncture and more, and some are hospitalized for weeks. But in the end, we have remarkable pets who are grateful for the love they find in their adoptive homes. But, all this costs money. Lots of it. Our vets are great to us, but we could use all the help we can get. If you're planning on adopting, please take note of the following: We ask for a tax-deductible donation. and we also ask that you be aware that cats respond to the stress of moving, traveling, changing environments, and other factors in many ways--including hiding, temporary litter box issues, suppressed immune systems, eating disorders. That is not to say every cat will respond that way, but you should be sensitive to the needs of your new family member, and patient till any issues are resolved. Please let us know if you want an application in Word or in Word Perfect. We get so many calls from adopters who can't find their new cats, and are in a panic. We certainly understand this (most of the cats did the same to us when they first came into foster care), but we know they come out at night to eat, play, use the litter box, and then hide when they hear us. That last a week or so, and then they adjust.
! If you would like short-term love and can foster cats of dogs for us till they're adopted, please contact us by e-mail and we'll gladly send you an application. Who We Are K9Kastle Corp is a small, not-for-profit, 501 (c) (3), rescue organization that finds animals in undesireable situations and places them in terrific adoptive homes. We welcome many pets for placement on our web site, though cannot always find foster homes for them. (Occasionally, we can foster certain animals, but we are NOT a shelter or kennel.) Please e-mail us if you have a pet to place, and we will try to post it. Please be sure to include a full description, including gender, neutered or not, size, age, physical attributes, health history to the extent you know it, personality attributes, whether there are any special needs or considerations, whether the pet is good with small children, etc. Please try to include a photo, and make sure it is smallish and low resolution. We are now beginning a special endeavor--a very concerted effort to rescue and place fabulous senior cats with wonderful families, couples and singles. Why seniors? They are the most loving, most grateful, most affectionate, most bereft and most at risk when they get to the shelter. They are passed by for the most part, since most people want young cats who will be with them for years . There is surely nothing wrong with that--but it leaves in its happy wake the less strong, less likely to survive in the shelter environment, and most likely to get ill and be euthanized. Right this minute, we have at least a dozen senior cats. Every single one is delightful, engaging, charming and funny. Each has wonderful habits, and loves life. Each was on the verge of not seeing the morning s un till we pulled her or him. But each is in a cage, and that is simply not the way to spend one's golden years. We are looking for good people with big hearts. If you are able to foster or adopt one of these fabulous companions, please let us know and we'll send you an application. If you are not able to take in a cat, but can help financially, that is wonderful too. We will discuss all the options, including the right cat for you and your family. For now, you can look at just a few: Bradbury (9), Shirley (11), Peaches (10), Big Daddy (9), Sky (9), Missy (11), Celestia (9), Larry (9), and more.

Adopting a friend

Maddie's Fund: The Pet Rescue Foundation K9Kastle was recently invited to participate in Maddie's Pet Adoption Days, administered through our Mayor's Alliance for New York City's Animals, and helping us promote the adoption of not only dozens and dozens of wonderful, healthy, happy, young cats and dogs, but also our special pets--those less fortunate whose condition starts out as a deterrent to adoption by some. Maddie's Fund offered wonderful promotion and incentive as well, and K9Kastle was able to focus on our special ones--the wobbly ones, the one-eyed ones, three-legged and chronically ill. All spectacular family members, but who would not have had quite the same chance without our penchant for the underdog--or undercat--and the wonderful financial incentive from Maddie's Fund that permitted so many lucky adopters to find their newest family member from among our rescued friends. Because of the generous help and support from Maddie's Fund, we were able to adopt out well over 100 wonderful companion animals, more than half of whom required treatment by us to become adoptable, and many, many of whom had life-long conditions that landed them at the shelter in the first place. We are so grateful to Maddies' Fund, and to our Mayor's Alliance for rallying us and our colleagues to participate in this wonderful and successful venture.

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Come to Petco in Sheepshead Bay at 17th Street and Avenue Y, or in Bensonhurst, at 86th Street and Stillwell Avenue to visit some of our wonderful cats. And now, every Sunday at Unleashed by Petco in Park Slope we bring many, many fine felines for adoption. When you see the pet of your dreams on our site, please contact the person indicated in the description to set up a meeting. NEW!!! Now, when you shop Amazon, you can help K9Kastle with many, many items. Sign in via Smile.Amazon.com, and look for all the wonderful items that have the "eligible for AmazonSmile donation" notation right next to the photo.. Those purchases will benefit K9Kastle with a percentage of the sales price. Can't find where to log in? Go to org.Amazon.com, and click "sign up" at the upper right hand corner of the page. Thanks!
Email: K9Kastle@gmail.com
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