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The NFAWL will be starting March 1st 2013 to provide for Riverhead state mandated animal care and control as well as shelter services The mission of the League is to provide humane care and treatment for all of the animals needing protection in our community. Never is a healthy, adoptable animal killed for the sole crime of being homeless. Spay/ neuter and humane education are two of the most important tools utilized in the fulfillment of our mission. THERE IS NO SHELTER LIKE A HUMANE COMMUNITY Company Overview The North Fork Animal Welfare League (NFAWL) is a 501(c) not for profit organization. The NFAWL is in contract with the Town of Southold and now starting March 1st 2013 with Riverhead to provide state mandated animal care and control as well as shelter services In 1980 the NFAWL was the first organization in the state with the commitment and courage to contract with a municipality to provide these services while maintaining a no kill policy. For over two decades the League has provided these services and continues to save over 95% of all needy animals coming through our doors. , through the work of the NFAWL, has the highest adoption rate and the lowest euthanasia rate of any in the country. General information Some of the additional services provided by the League include a low to no cost spay/neuter program, free food pantry, humane education program, and pet therapy. Donate a Kuranda Dog Bed

Adopting a friend

$96 adoption fee (Adoption fee includes a dog license,Vaccines.microchipping heartworm testing & the spaying/neutering of your pet before leaving the shelter!) SELECTING THE RIGHT COMPANION ANIMAL Love at first sight! This is how our new companions usually get chosen. Thoughtful consideration must also be taken. Some dogs need lots of room to run. If you do not already have a fenced in yard, consider the cost of a suitable fence. If a fence is not possible do you have time for long walks? Long haired animals need a lot of brushing. Do you have time for this? Some may also require professional grooming. Can you pay for this? Younger animals will need training, which will involve substantial investments of both time and money. Please also consider who will be sharing your home with your new companion. A home with elderly people may not be the right fit for a large, high energy dog. A home with very young children may not be the right fit for very young puppies or kittens. Do you have other pets in your home? We test our shelter animals for general compatibility but recommend that if you have existing pets a “meet and greet” be set up at the shelter prior to adoption. While love is extremely important, it is the consideration of, and commitment to, the daily practicalities of your new family member that will determine the success of the adoption. Our dedicated staff will help you make the perfect choice for your family and lifestyle. THE ADOPTION APPLICATION The next step in the process is to complete the adoption application. This important step provides information for the shelter to insure that the placement will be a good fit for you and the animal. Getting a companion animal should not be an impulsive decision. More than likely, you will have this animal in your family for life. Once your application has been approved we make sure that your new companion is health checked, altered, vaccinated, and microchipped. This whole process usually takes from one to three days. Then it is time for your new best friend to join your family! DO YOU ALLOW TEST ADOPTIONS? We encourage prospective adopters to spend as much time as possible with the animal at the shelter before making the adoption decision. After careful consideration, the decision should be considered as final. Test adoptions are generally not allowed and are discouraged. Going to a home and returning to the shelter can be extremely stressful for the animal. CAN I RETURN THE ANIMAL IF THINGS DON’T WORK OUT? We are always available to work with you to resolve any transition or behavior issues and encourage you to contact us if you are having problems. We ask you to be patient in allowing the companion animal an opportunity to adjust to its new environment. If the situation cannot be resolved we will take the animal back into the shelter. Please remember, just because an animal is in the shelter does not mean it did anything wrong. Most of our animals are here simply because not enough thought was taken before they were acquired. This is why we ask that you participate fully and honestly in our adoption process. We want to help you find the perfect match, one that will provide years of happiness for both you and your new companion. Thank you so much for adopting. You are a hero!

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If you are coming from the West takethe LIE to the last exit(73) that will put you on Rt.58 by TANGER OUTLET.Stay on Rt 58 for 3 traffic lights and turn left on Mill Rd (there will be a HOME DEPOT at that light) stay on Mill all the way to end.Turn left onto Osborne Ave. (you will go past a mobil home park on the left) Make a left turn on Youngs Ave - you will see shelter sign and Crown Sanitation sign. The shelter is the 1st building on the right) Donate a Kuranda Dog Bed NFAWL /Riverhead Animal Shelter Youngs Ave. Riverhead, NY 11901 Phone: 631-369-6189 Email:
PLEASE USE ID# when calling or e-mailing about a dog! Click here for a list of pets at this shelter

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