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Cody is our pet of the month! Make sure to look at his information on our list of adoptable bichons.


The need for qualified loving homes for rescued Bichons has never been greater. The very nature of our breed requires that families have love and time to own one of these velcro companions. Most of our rescues are adults who have lost their homes for as many reasons as there are people. Many puppies are purchased by people without knowledge of the breed and after a few years realize that their lifestyles do not support a companion animal. Perhaps housetraining was never properly done, the dog may be suffering from the absense of their of human companionship or the grooming is too expensive. Lifestyle changes bring many dogs, of all breeds into rescue programs. It is very important that families considering dog ownership consider how much time and energy they are willing to invest. So please consider the carfully before adopting or purchasing a pet....lets all work together to reduce the numbers of dogs being abandoned, or turned into rescue programs. Consider adoption or purchase a puppy from a reputable, responsible breeder do not ever purchase a puppy from a pet store. Implusive, uneducated purchasing of puppies is the reason Bichons become homeless. We are desperately looking for qualified foster homes and welcome inquiries about our foster program. Fostering is a rewarding experience and often an option for those who love animals but hesitate to make a lifetime committment to a pet. Fostering can also be a way to decide it ours is the right breed for your family. The average length of time a rescue is in foster care is 2 to 3 weeks. If you would like to know more about our forstering program email us and we will provide you with additional information.

Who We Are

We are the rescue arm of the Greater New York Bichon Frise Fanciers, working together with Bichon Frise Club of America Charitable Trust in a cooperative volunteer effort to rehome Bichons in need of a permanent loving homes. We are completely funded by donations and none of our voluneers receive compensation, all donations go to caring for the rescued Bichons. GNYBFF Rescue Fund follows best practices and guidelines of BFCA Charitable Trust and covers much of the Tri- state area and New England. BFCA Charitable Trust is the rescue effort of the Bichon Frise Club of America and shares GNYBFF petfinder site. Working together together to responsively place unwanted, abandoned placeable Bichons.

Adopting a friend

We require an application and references, available upon request, and a home visit. WE DO NOT SHIP.

Come Visit Us!

We are not a shelter. We foster rescued Bichons in our homes and are ever in need of approved foster homes to nurture our rescues until permanent homes are found. If you would be interested in our foster program contact Gail at
Greater New York Bichon Frise Fanciers Rescue
c/o Gail

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