German Shepherd Rescue Referral Service Of Dutchess County, NY
German Shepherd Rescue Referral Service Of Dutchess County, NY

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German Shepherd Rescue Referral Service of Dutchess County, NY is run by three volunteers. All of us are adopters of multiple German Shepherd dogs. Regrettably, we have no space available for a foster dog at this time.

However, we are able to offer a courtesy posting on our Petfinder site for all of those needing to re-home their German Shepherd dog. Those looking to adopt a German Shepherd may contact the owner listed on the post directly.

Guidelines for those looking to re-home their dog.

In order for us to post your dog's information on our site, we need you to supply three photos and a description of your dog's personality and general state of health. Please be sure to include the following information:

Dog's Name; Gender; Age; Size; Color; Is your dog Up to date on vaccines? neutered? obedience trained? Does your dog get along with other dogs? cats? adults? children?

Please be very specific about your dog's behavior as the more time you take up front, the better chance your dog has of being adopted into a forever home. For example: If a potential adopter is looking for a large, male dog, your time is not wasted when they read you have a small , female dog.

If you find someone that sounds as though they can provide your dog a good home, check them out! Make a home visit to be sure they are who they say they are. Check out vet references. Ask for personal references. If a potential adopter is unwilling to let you see where the dog will live, look elsewhere for a good home.

Adopting a friend

Potential adopters.

When contacting a post be ready to ask the right questions. If you have other dogs, be sure to ask how the dog behaves in a pack. Be thorough, ask why the dog is being re-homed if no info on the post. If you have small children, ask about the dog's behavior around kids. When you meet a dog, take your entire family (including other dogs) with you, it's important that everyone gets along with the new dog.

Dog Evaluations!

Wherever possible, a volunteer will conduct an evaluation on the dogs posted but please do not assume we have done so.

Please understand that some, or all of the dogs posted may not have been evaluated by one of our volunteers so we are unable to make any recommendations. We urge potential adopters to use extreme caution when meeting these dogs for the first time.

Happy Endings

Before contacting a listing, be sure you are ready to adopt a dog. Be sure you can adequately provide the dog with food, a good home, exercise, care and attention. Dogs can be expensive, can you provide vet care if necessary? If both dog owner and adopter are thorough and do their homework, an adoption is a wonderful act of kindness and social responsibility. There are too many unwanted animals in our communities.

Please note that our group will not post an unspayed or unneutered dog for adoption. We do not condone the indiscriminate breeding of these rescued dogs. If a spay or neuter is a hardship for the family looking to re-home their dog, please contact us for information on special programs that may be available to you.

Recommended Reading:

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Rosie, A Visiting Dog's Story by Stephanie Calmenson (Clarion Books).

Second Hand Dog: How to Turn Yours into a First-Rate Pet by Carol Lea Benjamin (Howell Book House)

Save that Dog! Everything You need to Know About Adopting a Purebred Rescue Dog by Liz Palika (Howell Book House)

Cesar's Way by Cesar Millan (Three Rivers Press)

Stella, Unleashed Notes from the Doghouse By Linda Ashman (Sterling Publishing)

Two Bobbies by Kirby Larson and Mary Nethery (Walker & Company)

Recommended Dog Trainers!

Teri Vasile - Redhook, NY 845-758-0896

German Shepherd Rescue Referral service of Dutchess County.

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