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Please adopt a shelter petWhile you are reading this page, thousands of cats sit silently in cages across the United States waiting their turn to be euthanized because no one wants them and there isn't enough money for the shelters to care for them. Many of these cats once enjoyed a home and were someone's adored pet. Perhaps they are the fortunate ones as so many others live out their short, miserable lives in desperation on the cold harsh streets without ever having known the comfort of a full belly or a human hand. Please, folks, you can make a difference. Adopt a shelter pet.

cats for adoptionThe cats posted on our Petfinder site are just a handful of cats that are available... so if you don't see the cat of your dreams please call or email us with your wants. Contacts are listed on the pages of the cats that are up for adoption. When someone is interested in one of our strays, an appointment is made to meet the cat. All vet records are shown at that time. A few days later, we deliver the cat to it's new home. Before sending our cats to their new homes, we bring them to the vet again for a final check-up.

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Who is Kings Highway Cat Rescue? We are a group of people committed to rescuing, caring for, and placing strays. We work closely with several fosterers. The strays are rescued and taken to the vet where they are tested for FIV and LEUK, receive shots, and get spayed or neutered. Each cat is groomed, and dental work is done if necessary. They then go into one of our foster homes in Brooklyn where they are kept in an isolated area and observed. They are gradually blended in with the other cats, and are socialized. Interacting with other cats and dogs, and the many people that visit throughout the day, they are soon ready for adoption.

Since we lost our shelter and now work with fosterers, we are unable to accept cats that people want to re-home as we must save the space for strays that are in desperate need of rescue.

The Kings Highway Cat Rescue Kitty PersonalsFat Bella the Tabby For your viewing pleasure: You are cordially invited to visit our official website and attend Kings Highway Cat Rescue's gala event. Meet the cats onstage as they make their debut via "The Kitty Personals" in the hope of finding homes. Fat Bella, your hostess, (pictured at the right) is not aware that she is in for the surprise of her life! Presented like a Broadway production, but all of the cats and their stories are real. These are all Kings Highway kitties. Many of them have been fortunate enough to have found good homes, but so many others are still waiting for their second chance. You'll laugh and cry at the same time. Click on the banner to get there.

Banner for The Kitty Personals
If you fall in love with one of the cats in "The Kitty Personals" and find that he/she has been adopted, please check our available cats. Loving and needy kitties arrive here often.

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