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Pet of the Month

Our pet of the month Rusty. R.S.V.P. has never turned their back on an animal because of age or handicap. We know that in time, the perfect home will be found for these special cases. Are you that special someone who would take in an adoring pet, regardless of his physical limitations? Rusty is a young orange striped neutered male cat.Found wandering in the woods. Scary enough for any animal, but especially so for Rusty, for he is deaf. Luckily for Rusty, we found him soon after his ordeal began.He would not be able to fend for himself and stay safe from predators. His needs are few, a warm bed, a soothing stroke on his head, a place to call his own. He will adjust to his surroundings in no time at all. Would you like to give him a chance? It is the most rewarding feeling to give a cat like Rusty a permanent home.

Who We Are

RSVP an all volunteer,nonprofit 501.C3 organization with a no-kill philosophy. All of our operating costs and capital expenses are supported through tax-deductible contributions. RSVP programs include:Adoptions, spay-neuter program, and humane education We are located on the eastern end of Long Island, NY. Due to our policy of keeping in touch with our adopters and our pets, we prefer to keep our boundary of Long Island, N.Y.

Adopting a friend

Our cats and dogs are all in foster homes or private boarding so call if there is a specific pet you would like to meet.

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Call 631-533-2pet or
Our mailing address is PO Box 335, Eastport, New York, 11941

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