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Thanks to a much larger facility, Senior Dogs now has room for all it's special guys. There are so many wonderful older dogs looking for loving homes that we can't choose only one for Pet of the Month. Whatever type of warm furry companion you are looking for, we will most like have. Take a look at our guys and see for yourself. They are special and would make the best companions you could ask for. If you see someone you think might be THE ONE, give us a call at 315-826-7545, or email us at


SENIOR DOGS HAS RELOCATED!! We are very excited about our move to Cold Brook, NY, just a half hour north of Utica. We are now settled and have opened our doors to even more wonderful senior guys. We invite you to come out and meet the gang. Call or email for directions.

Who We Are

The goal of our program is to find permanent and loving homes for "senior" dogs that have been displaced from their homes for one reason or another. We try to match these special dogs with the perfect companions for their remaining years. Although you will have many happy years together, it is important to realized that some of these dogs may have special needs. These older dogs not only adjust and settle in quickly, but they are easy to please and bond immediately. Please open your heart and home to one of these deserving pets. Senior Dog Adoptions is now NON-PROFIT!!! We currently are in desperate need of canned dog food, so any donations would be greatly appreciated. Please contact us about tax-deductible donations. Redemable 5 cent cans, bottles and water bottles are always appreciated as it is our main fund raiser. We pick them up at your home within 8 hours or on a regular basis. Also needed are tag sale items for our annual tag sale fundraiser. Clean out your attic, garage or basement and help our senior dogs! For more information or questions, please email us or call the number listed above. Thanks!

Adopting a friend

SENIOR DOGS IS NOW NON-PROFIT!!! We are a group of dedicated volunteers and our focus is on finding the best match for our dogs. Potential adopters are asked to fill out a simple form and any donations are appreciated. If you are interested in adopting or fostering one of our dogs, please contact us at any time. ALSO, PLEASE NOTE we are desperately in need of canned dog food!!! Any donations of canned food or funds would be greatly appreciated. And we are now collecting tag sale items to be donated for our annual tag sale fundraiser. Clean out your attic, garage and basement and help our Senior Dogs. Please call us or email to find out how you can help.

Come Visit Us!

Call or email us to talk about what kind of dog you're looking for or to arrange for an appointment to meet one of our gang. We are located in Cold Brook, NY, just a half hour north of Utica. Our phone number is: 315-826-7545 or email us at
Senior Dog Adoptions
1060 Gray-Wilmurt Road
Cold Brook NY 13324-2805
Phone: 315-826-7545 Click here for a list of pets at this shelter

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