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Jason and Jennifer
WHAT A DIFFERENCE A CAT MAKES.... We have lots and lots of kittens. Some tiny ones like these. Some older with all their shots. We're sure to have the one---or ones---to melt your heart.





During kitten season we are particularly desperate for volunteers for hands-on cat care in the shelter. Could you give a few hours every week to feed, clean and medicate, as well as giving our residents the TLC they all need---and deserve. Do you love kittens but don't have the room to add another member to your feline family? We need good, loving foster homes for kittens. You can experience the joys of kittenhood without the permanent responsibility.


We always need homes -- permanent or foster. Our shelter is always overcrowded, the need is so great and it's heartbreaking to have to turn so many away. Please call if you can make room for one little life in your home, whether it's permanent or temporary.

"WE ARE DESPERATE FOR VOLUNTEERS!. Can you spare a few hours one morning a week to help with hands-on cat care? You'll find the work very gratifying and will be rewarded with many purrs. Or maybe you have an hour to come in for the evening feeding and cuddling. The cats depend on us, and we depend on you. Please, if you can help us, give us a call at 718 393-7535.

Who We Are

Animals Can't Talk (A.C.T.) is an animal shelter and placement agency that also provides animal-related services to the larger community. It is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit organization that was incorporated in 1982 and is registered in New York State. Our facility can physically handle only cats, but we do rescue an occasional dog who we board at our vet's office. ACT's volunteers do all the cleaning and maintenance of the shelter facility as well as caring for and working with the animals. We desperately need new volunteers to handle and socialize(or provide foster homes for)new kittens, provide attention, brushing and a soft lap to our residents and help with adoptions, feeding and shelter maintenance. We also need volunteers to help provide walks and care for the dogs we rescue.

ACT's purpose is to respond to the needs of the many abandoned, stray and lost animals--regardless of breed, size, or personality and including very shy cats, and injured or ill cats. (Excepting FIV or leukemia positive cats, due to our lack of quarantine facilities.) ACT provides each animal with food, shelter, personal attention and medical treatment until a suitable, loving home is found--however long this takes. No animal is placed before neutering is done, or in the case of kittens, without follow-up and low-cost spay/neuter certificates to ensure it has been taken care of.

Adopting a friend

To adopt a cat from ACT, we ask that you complete a simple adoption form, provide a veterinarian or other type of reference and agree to provide a loving indoor home, and appropriate care for the life of the animal. We ask for an adoption donation, which helps covers the cost of medical exam, initial shots and neutering.

Come Visit Us!

Our shelter is located in the Bayside area of Queens. Please call (718) 393-7535 to arrange for one of our volunteers to meet you and introduce you to our delightful shelter guests. Directions from XX east or west: Please call for more info
Animals Can't Talk Inc. (ACT)
P.O. Box 630408
Little Neck NY 11363
Phone: (718) 393-7535
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