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Also visit or go back to Website at www.nypeticare.com Please look at our wishlist.

***Our cats LOVE cat water fountains, if you can please donate one we will give you cat kisses!!!


For dog lovers. we have many wonderful dogs in different sizes to choose from and to match you with and for cat lovers, our loving, socialized cats and kittens are waiting to go home and are all wonderful..... All pets are posted so you can see how cute and delicious they all are and to find out about their personalities plus! Please come and meet them and have coffee with us.
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"Heaven goes by favour. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in. --Mark Twain

NY Pet-I-Care Adoption Program is based in Manhattan, with foster homes in different locations. We welcome all potential adopters or contributors to email NYPeticare@aol.com Perhaps, you cannot adopt a dog or cat but want to help? We need foster homes for our animals and for the ones that need to get out of the kill shelter. Simply email NYPeticare@aol.com to find out which pet is right for you, or if you want to be a foster mom or dad.


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"PET-I-CARE is a grassroot non-profit program of professional and volunteer "Friends of the Program" who give willingly of their time and collective talents to provide shelter, medical care, training and socialization to as many abused and abandoned strays that can be accommodated. Our ultimate goal is to find that exceptional home, where they can feel safe, loved, and become a member of their new family."These two dogs, along with our list of fostered dogs and let's not forget the cats, are ready and waiting to go home with the right person. Please email Marilyn at NYPeticare@aol.com for more information.


If you are interested in adopting a dog or cat from PET-I-CARE, please call 212 614-7194. or Email us nypeticare@aol.com..... All adoptions proceed from there. Look at our website www.nypeticare.com NY PET-I-CARE Adoption Program is located in Manhattan, Please call and ask for Marilyn Teres, Director of N.Y. PET-I-CARE, Inc.(212) 614-7194, or (347)996-8324, or E-Mail us at NYPetiCare@aol.com

Marilyn Teres; Founder & Director

(212)614-7194 NYPeticare@aol.com
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