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G.R.R. Greyhound Rescue & Rehabilitation (G.R.R.) is a not-for-profit adoption / placement organization comprised of volunteers who are dedicated to raising public awareness on the suitability of ex-racing Greyhounds as pets; their gentle & loving nature and wonderful disposition. GRR is committed to helping all greyhounds, including the seniors and the injured. Through our application and home visit process we find suitable and loving homes where the Greyhounds will be members of the family and we provide our adopting families any assistance needed as well as a network of other local Greyhound owners. Our geographic focus is Westchester, Rockland, Orange, Dutchess, Ulster and Putnam Counties in NY and Fairfield and Litchfield Counties in CT. Please visit our website at for more information, current adoption list and calender of events.

Prior to adoption all greyhounds are:

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Call GRR today and join our exciting program. Please become part of the solution.

Do greyhounds make good watchdogs?
No, they're lovers not fighters.

Are greyhounds suited to apartment life?
Definitely. They're used to being in a cage 22 hours a day so an apartment seems like the Taj Mahal.

How long does it take for a greyhound to bond and to adjust?
Because greyhounds are very friendly and thrive on human companionship, binding usually occurs in a matter of days. Adjusting to a new environment and routine may take a couple of months The older dogs tend to be better mannered from the start while the younger dogs are generally more curious and active.

Can I specify to adopt a male or female?
Yes. Males and females are always available and make equally good pets.

How long does the adoption process take?
We start the process as soon as we get your application. It usually takes 1 to 3 weeks to get your dog.

Do I mail the donation check with my application?
No. We will ask for the donation at the time of adoption.

What will my greyhound need?
Leash and safety collar are included with the adoption donation and a crate is loaned to adopters if requested. You'll need premium quality DRY dog food, blanket or bed, raised food bowls, a coat for cold weather, an ID tag with your contact number and annual veterinary care including dentistry. We also recommend Frontline and Heartgard monthly.

Greyhound Rescue & Rehabilitation (GRR)
P.O. Box 572
Cross River, New York 10518
Phone: 914-763-2221

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