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We are Golden Paw Society, Inc.  We are a not-for-profit, all volunteer-run animal rescue organization dedicated to changing the plight of shelter cats on Long Island.    

As you may or may not know, our shelters are filled to capacity with homeless, displaced cats; cats of all ages, many adults, who either sit for several months (day in, day out) waiting to be discovered and who are at-risk of being euthanized if they have or develop health issues or exhibit too much stress in captivity.    We are grateful to the shelters and to the people who work hard in them each day caring for the animals, because so many of these cats would perish without having a shelter to be brought to. However, we also know that, regardless of conditions, no shelter cage is a happy or appropriate place for a cat to be in and that cats suffer tremendously in the shelter setting, often surrounded by loud, barking dogs.    Our mission is to remove those cats who have been sitting the longest, or those who are not adjusting well to shelter living, and find new homes for them.  The ultimate goal, through rotation to the various local shelters, is that eventually none of these shelters will have any long-term residents languishing in their cages.

In order to help us fulfill our mission, we have created a cat Adoptoin Center of our dreams, catered to the needs and lifestyle habits of cats.   This is a true home-away- from-home for the cats to enjoy while we continue the work of finding homes for them.    In our care, each cat we rescue is kept safe, comfortable and tended to medically and emotionally in preparation for adoption. Here, it’s all about the cats, and it’s about letting  each one of them know they are wanted and wonderful even though somebody at some point in their lives decided they weren’t. 

One thing we know for sure:   Whatever condition the cats are in when we remove them from the shelter 
setting,  without fail they each begin to transform and come into their own and become the cats they are meant to be. It's an amazing and beautiful thing to see, and once they are adopted they transform even more.  THIS is the beauty in what we do and this is the thing that keeps us driven to continue to do more.    

We are so proud and so excited to be doing this, and we ask for your support.   We truly need all the financial backing we can raise in order to keep the mission 
going.  Please help us to do this! 
Please take the time to check out the donation opportunities on the drop-down menus here on our website to 
see if there is a way you may be able to help us…So many homeless and hopeless cats will appreciate it, as will we!




Adopting A Friend

We have many wonderful cats and kittens for adoption. Check us out here on Petfinder, or on our website at www.goldenpawsociety.org

Who We Are

Golden Paw Society is an exclusively charitable 501(c)3 tax exempt organization dedicated to changing the plight of shelter cats on Long Island.  We rescue cats who have been in municipal shelters for an extended period of time or who exhibit a dire need of removal from the shelter setting, and who are therefore most at-risk of being euthanized. We periodically rotate to the various shelters on Long Island, often taking those cats who've been there the longest,  with the ultimate goal of there one day being no cats having to sit long-term in a shelter cage.  We believe that no matter how old, sick or 'difficult' a cat may be, each cat deserves to be loved, cared for and given a second chance, and we endeavor to provide that second chance to those cats who need us most.

Golden Paw Society will intervene, if and whenever possible, to rescue homeless cats and other animals in dire need from other-than-shelter settings.

Golden Paw Society will see to it that each rescued cat is provided with medical care and emotional/physical rehabilitation. Each cat will be vaccinated, FIV/FelV/heartworm tested, spayed/neutered and receive veterinary care as needed. All of our rescued cats will be provided with whatever is needed in order to prepare them for adoption into their forever homes.

Golden Paw Society is committed to finding quality forever homes for its rescued cats through diligent screening of potential adopters.

Golden Paw Society will use every opportunity to educate the public in responsible pet ownership and to promote spay/neuter programs in the community. Furthermore, in order to dispel the myths associated with FIV (Feline AIDS), Golden Paw Society is committed to working to educate the public about FIV and to increase awareness of the abilty of FIV+ and FIV- cats to safely coexist.

Golden Paw Society is dedicated, through it's various services and programs, to ending the cycle of needless misery and death of cats and other companion animals caused by overpopulation, neglect, abuse and abandonment. No part of this mission is possible without the generous support of others.

Come Visit Us

Our cats can be seen and met at the following locations:

Golden Paw Society Cat Adoption Center at 260 Broadway Huntington Station, NY 11746

Community Pet Shop on Route 110 in Huntington

Petco 839 New York Avenue Huntington NY 11743

Petsmart 2160 Jericho Turnpike Commack NY 11720

Contact Golden Paw Society, Inc.


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