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City Critters is Moving on October 15! After spending several months in our temporary location in the Union Square Petco, our new home in the just-completed Petco at 991 Second Ave. (between 52nd and 53rd) is ready. Come visit us there and at our adoption center in PetSmart Noho. Please follow us on Facebook for news on pop-up adoption events and for our move to the new Petco in Turtle Bay, which will open later this summer.

Can you help during this difficult transition? Please contact us if you can provide a long-term foster home for any of our cats or dogs.

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City Critters is a member of the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals.

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  • City Critters Inc.
  • P.O. Box 1345
  • Canal Street Station
  • New York NY 10013


If you are interested in becoming a City Critters volunteer, please e-mail us.

City Critters Adoption Procedure

We try to satisfy the needs of people who want to adopt cats, but our first responsibility is always to the animals in our care, so there is an application and interview process. The goal is a lifelong (perhaps 20 years) loving, stable, indoor situation. City Critters' adoption process is similar to that of other animal rescue/adoption groups. We ask that you fill out a brief application with information about you and the environment the cat will be living in, as well as personal references; if all goes well, you'll fill out an adoption agreement and pay a $100 (per cat) adoption fee. We deliver the animals to their new homes at a time of mutual convenience. Because we deliver the animal to your home, we prefer to adopt to homes within our immediate area.


If there is already an animal in your home, we will help with the introduction process. We are always available to discuss your questions and any adjustment problems your new cat may have. We ask that you give the cat a reasonable time to settle in, but if the adoption doesn't work out, we will take the animal back and continue to work to place it in an excellent home. We keep our cats for as long as it takes to place them. Like many cat adoption agencies, we try to place kittens, young cats, and older cats who enjoy cat company in pairs or in situations where there is already another cat. We always have a number of adult cats who can or must be adopted singly.

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Who we are

City Critters, Inc. is a small New York City animal rescue and adoption group. If you are not familiar with us, here is our brief history. In 1994, we formed City Critters, Inc. as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) incorporation under the laws of New York State to help us continue the local cat rescue and adoption work we had already been doing less formally as a few individuals, mostly within Manhattan.

In our first few years, we rescued and placed an average of 300 to 500 cats and kittens a year. In addition to many individual animals, we dealt with a number of large projects, including about 60 ferals in Battery Park City, 25 under the Brooklyn Bridge at a DOT facility, 20+ from a Chelsea lumberyard, 80 house cats from an eviction on the Lower East Side, 27 from a Brooklyn eviction, 34 from an emergency in Queens, countless abandoned friendly store cats from several outdoor locations in Chinatown, 65 from a Chinatown eviction, and many from the 110th St. Center for Animal Care and Control shelter.

Once City Critters rescues or accepts a homeless animal for placement, the animal is taken directly to one of our participating veterinarians and provided with all medical attention required, including testing for FIV/FeLV, spaying or neutering, vaccinations, treatment for parasites, and care for any treatable special needs. Homes are found through pet-supply store adoption programs and by referrals from veterinarians' offices, former adopters, and supporters.

Every day we receive many calls to rescue companion animals from the street, from people who cannot keep them any more (like senior citizens going into nursing homes), and from city shelter workers (asking us to save some of the animals they will otherwise have to kill). New York's shelters are still unable to cope with the flood of companion animals turned into their facilities or with the deluge of emergency calls from the public to pick up stray, abandoned, and injured animals. The majority of the animals who end up in the NY shelter system, approximately 45,000 annually, are euthanized. Many of them are completely adoptable, and are destroyed simply for lack of space.

We are only a few volunteers with jobs, families, and otherwise ordinary lives. We have no office, no shelter, no paid staff, and cannot respond to every call for help. But by networking, and with community support, our dedicated volunteers still accomplish amazing things each year, and encourage our neighbors to get involved and help homeless animals in their own back yards. An important part of our work is providing technical support (such as lending humane traps, carriers, and cages) and sharing information (where to secure low-cost spaying/neutering and other vet care, how to place a companion animal, how to recover a lost pet).

City Critters is not subsidized by the government and receives no major funding. We receive a few small foundation grants, but most of the high cost of rescuing, vetting and fostering our rescued animals is paid for out of our own pockets and from relatively small donations and adoption fees, generated by annual mailings, and from occasional small fundraising events. Rescuing animals is very expensive. How much we can do depends on our immediate financial resources and, as importantly, on finding excellent placements for the animals we have, in order to make room for more. If you think you can help us, want us to help you, or just need more information, please give us a call.

Cats for adoption can be seen in Manhattan at PetCo Turtle Bay, (991 Second Ave. between 52nd and 53rd), and at PetSmart, 632 Broadway (between Bleecker and Houston), 7 days a week. Adoption counselors are available on weekends and by appointment.

City Critters Inc.

  • P.O. Box 1345
  • Canal Street Station
  • New York NY 10013
  • Phone: (212) 252-3183

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