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all adopters and fosters are thoroughly screened, including having a home check. Please note*** Please note*** if interested in adopting a weim rescue of the north dog, do not call our phone number, it is only for emergency rescue situations. For more info on our adoption requirements and to fill out an online application, GO TO OUR WEBSITE at http://weimaranerrescue.weebly.com/fostering-and-adopting.html *****We ONLY do our adoption process initially online. Due to time limitations on correspondences, we can only reply to questions from SERIOUS ADOPTERS AFTER WE HAVE RECEIVED A COMPLETED APPLICATION!!! This is to ensure our time is not wasted by folks not committed enough to take the five minutes to fill out an app.**** Please become a member of our Facebook family! Updates are regularly posted there unlike this site that is updated infrequently**** Once we receive a COMPLETED application, we will contact you and respond to any questions about the dog. ALSO- we will adopt to approved out of state adopters, we will arrange for a home check, BUT- WE DO NOT SHIP DOGS TO ADOPTERS! The adopter MUST be willing to pick up the dog! All adopters are required to sign an adoption contract. for more info on fostering or adopting from us, you can check out our website page with answers to frequently asked questions on fostering or adopting a Weimaraner Rescue Of The North/ New York State Weimaraner Rescue dog- http://weimaranerrescue.weebly.com/fostering-and-adopting.html Why do you have adoption fees? What are your adoption fees? Our adoption fees are to offset the extensive vetting and boarding costs of saving the dogs in our rescue. We are not federally funded in any way, we are a federally registered 501c3 charity that relies exclusively on donations, adoption/surrender fees and fundraisers. Dogs are costly to feed and provide regular vetting to. If you cannot afford an adoption fee, you most likely cannot afford to provide to a dog properly, let alone if an emergency occurs. Weimaraners Puppies 1 yr and under - $450 1+ years- $375 Mixed breed rescues Puppies 1 year and under - $350 1+ years- $275 All adopters are required to sign an adoption contract. If you have a weim or weim mix in the states of NY/PA/OH you have to surrender, email terawrn@yahoo.com and ask for a surrender form. We do have requirements for owner surrenders, including dogs being up to date with proof for vaccinations. A surrender fee may also required.

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Weimaraner rescue of the north is a small, foster based rescue saving weims and weim mixes in urgent need.  We are a non- profit rescue group, ran by volunteers, so all donations go toward the care of our dogs.  Primarily serving NY/OH/ PA when the predominant rescues are full.  We are always looking for fosters, we cannot save any dogs if they have no place to go!   All adopters and fosters are thoroughly screened.




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