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We were evacuated from our home but have rebuilt and returned home following Hurricane Sandy.  We currently have four waiting for adoption.  We also support a colony of 5 other cats, all of whom survived Hurricanes Irene and Hurricane Sandy.  All adoptable cats are abandoned strays that walked up to Horton's Home and are currently sheltered outside.  We will be lifting are home soon and are desperate to find loving homes for these cats as soon as possible.




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We are a very small rescue group located on the South Shore of Long Island.  We have rescued our "pets" since 1992, but began to rescue the unwanted cats of the neighborhood in 2010.  We currently have four rescues that need homes.  

Thomas was the first "feral" to show up at our patio door in October 2010.  He was cold, hungry and frankly, desperate.  He came up on a cold night begging for food. I offered him dinner and he quickly became a regular.  Once, appearing to be feral, he is now a handsome, loving boy. 

Thomas told his outside "friends" and Horton's Home soon became the neighborhood hot spot for dinner.  We participate in TNR (trap, neuter, release) and with the financial help of Last Hope of Wantagh we are able to get the outside kitties, spayed, neutered and vaccinated for a low cost.  This helps keep the population of the colony down and keeps the cats healthy.

We are not currently a 501(c)3 organization, we are 2 people making a difference in our neighborhood.  Rumor is told that fire islanders drop their summer kitties off after the summer is over, so we tend to have new friendly faces in the fall.

We trap, neuter, spay, vaccinate, feed, shelter and love all of our furry friends.  The ones that are adoptable are posted on this site in hopes that they find a loving home.

We can be contacted by email (below) or 631-235-9901.  Thank you.


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