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Who We Are

The Broome County Dog Shelter has been in operation since 1956. Although Broome County allows use of their housing facility for dogs, the shelter operates independently of County funding. It is supported through contracts with twelve municipalities to house stray dogs and puppies, as well as through redemption fees, adoption fees and donations to our Trust Fund.

What We Do

The Broome County Dog Shelter:

  • Accepts all stray dogs and puppies from our contracted municipalities.
  • Provides safe, clean housing and medical care for all dogs and puppies in our care.
  • Provides a central location for owners to find and recover their missing pets.
  • Accepts Adoptable dogs and puppies that owners are unable to keep for any reason.
  • Matches adoptable dogs and puppies with compatible, loving, adoptive families.
  • Camp Barkalot - limited capacity dog/puppy boarding. Call for info.
  • Provides referral information for any animal-related concern. Our staff can help you acquire the information you need!
  • Promotes the importance of dog licensing, spaying and neutering, vaccinations, obedience and behavioral training.
  • Increases community awareness of the stray and pet over-population problems through shelter tours and off-site education programs.
  • Provides community support programs, such as “Critter Cuisine”, to help keep seniors and their pets healthy together.

HOURS: We are open to the public Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. We offer appointments evening and weekends .... just call to make arrangements during our business hours. We are closed all legal holidays.


Camp Barkalot proudly offers limited boarding for that special canine family member unable to travel with you! We offer knowledgeable, caring staff, heated kennel floors and play/exercise yards. In the summer our yards are equipped with pools! For information on space availability or to book a "room", call the Broome County Dog Shelter at 607.778.2493.

Adopting a Friend

Our adoption fee of $225.00 effective 1/1/2014 includes one wonderful dog or puppy, at least one distempter/parvo vaccine, worming, flea bath, microchip identification, certification that dog is spayed or neutered, bordetella vaccination, rabies vaccine if over 3 months old, free first week vet check at area participating veterinarian, collar and leash, sample of food dog or puppy has been eating. We also have a "loaner" program which will provide you an appropriate crate, if needed, for thirty days.
[ What you get for the adoption fee ]

Q. At what age does a dog need to be licensed in New York State?
A. At 4 months of age.

Q. Where do I go to get a Dog License?
A. Licenses are issued by the Town or City Clerk where you live.

Q. What do I need to get a Dog License?
A. You must show proof of a current Rabies Vaccination – if your pet is spayed/neutered be sure and bring that certificate also to reduce the cost of your NYS Dog License.

Q. Is there a cost for a dog license?
A.Check with your Town/City’s Clerk for the exact cost, as well as their hours and location.

Q. How long is a NYS Dog License good for?
A. Licenses are good for one year from when you purchase them.

Q. Do I get a new tag and number each time?
A. No, the license number will always stay the same…you renew the paperwork.

Q. Does my dog have to wear the tag?
A. Yes, every dog must wear it’s license tag all the time.

Q. Why should I license my dog?
A. Licensing of dogs in New York State provides for numerous benefits to our community and it’s animals.

  1. It provides owner identification for each pet.
  2. It makes sure that all dogs are currently vaccinated against rabies – thereby protecting everyone (including the dogs) in the community from Rabies.
  3. It provides money for the operation of a Dog Control Department to respond when there is a stray dog, an unlicensed dog or a Dangerous Dog. Each municipality is required by law to provide its residents this service.
Tips and Helpful Hints

[ Front Street Dog Shelter Brochure ]
[ Pet Care Costs Fact Sheet (pdf, 8k) ]
[ Rabies Information ]
[ Rabies Clinics ]
[ Skunk Shampoo Recipe and More... ]

Dog Obedience
  • Murph McMahon - 607.669.4317 -
    (Dogs adopted from Front St. Dog Shelter get discount!)
  • Town of Vestal Rec. Dept. - 607.754.3368
  • Rebecca's Canine Academy - 607.862-3131

**Please note this is not a complete list of dog obedience instructors in this area.

Low Cost Spay/Neuter
  • SPEAK - 607.729.7368
  • Animal Care Council - 607.786.5740 (Cats Only)
  • Friends of Animals - 1.800.631.2212
  • Binghamton Animal Clinic - 723-1708(male cats only)

  • Sandy, Amber and Betsy - Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge Show Information

    Sandy, Amber and Betsy - Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge Hide Information



    It is with a heavy heart we share with you that our beloved Shelter Mascot, “Sandy”, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on April 23, 2006. “Sandy’s” story reflects how special a dog she was. On August 24, 2000 the Town of Union Dog Control Officer, Kevin Wheeler, brought this wonderful dog to our shelter as a stray, without any collar or tags. Both her breed mixture and age were guesses and estimates but she looked like a small Lab/Shep mix and was about 5 or 6 years old. She arrived at our shelter happy and tail wagging and interested in meeting all of us! After giving a responsible owner time to look for her and when no owner was located, we began the search for the best possible home for “our girl”. We all waved a tearful, sad goodbye to “Sandy” as she left us to be part of a terrific family on November 4, 2000.

    On August 26, 2003 we were reunited with “Sandy” when her distraught family was unable to convince their new landlord to let “Sandy” live in the new apartment too! From that moment on we knew she was meant to live and work with us at the Front Street Dog Shelter! She became a wonderful ambassador for our Shelter and a great example of how wonderful shelter dogs can be! Her standard greeting was to lean against your leg or bow her head into your knees for you to pet her! She never had a bad day and was loving, gentle and happy to see all visitors! Her days were spent with families and children visiting at our shelter, helping us socialize the dogs in our adoption program, letting us use her as the “micro-chip dog” to show and talk to visitors about the benefits of micro-chipping and generally making our days brighter!

    Her love and enjoyment of the company of other dogs made her extra special! Whether it was a 120lb dog or a 4lb puppy, she was always interested and happy to meet and play with them!

    While it was a short time she was with us, she has left huge paw prints to fi ll and a very empty spot in our hearts. It helps us to know that she was greeted by and is with “Amber” and “Betsy” who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2003.

    Those of you in the community who were fortunate to have met her will understand our feelings of sadness and loss. Those wishing to honor her may do so by taking some extra time to hug and play with your own dog, donate a toy/blanket or send a donation in her memory to help other dogs.

    Amber and Betsy
    Betsy and Amber
    Open Letter To The Community

    It is with great sadness that we share with you the loss of our beloved Amber. On April 23, 2003 the staff who loved her had to open their arms and allow Amber to cross the Rainbow Bridge.

    Amber came to the Front Street Dog Shelter on October 18, 1994 as a 4 year old, pregnant stray from the Town of Colesville. Her two beautiful pups were born on October 31, 1994 and she was an exceptional mother to them. Amber was a gentle and affectionate dog that loved both people and other animals. On December 29, 1994 Amber became a full-time member of the staff and a permanent resident in the Front Office at the shelter.

    Amber began immediately helping with the shelter's pet visiting program and handling the tours and programs being held at the shelter! She would happily greet everyone at the counter each day and enjoyed spending time individually with all our visitors, both young and old!

    She was the first dog micro-chipped on February 28, 1995 as the shelter became an authorized scanning agency in Broome County for micro-chipped animals and had her picture in the Press!

    During her 9 years at the shelter Amber was instrumental in teaching new shelter staff and new Dog Control Officers humane animal handling techniques and how to properly use animal control equipment by being the "example dog". She did so with grace and a whole lot of patience!

    Amber genuinely loved other dogs. It didn't matter what size, breed or age they were! This proved invaluable over the years in helping us work with a wide variety of dogs... especially the ones that no longer trusted people and the very young puppies that needed an older dog to help prepare them for their new life. She provided safety, confidence and guidance to each animal and a bridge for us to that animal. With her help we were better able to evaluate how our adoptable dogs felt about another dog and she became a wonderful playmate for dogs and pups during their stay with us.

    Amber became the foundation for our education programs - both programs held at the shelter and the off-site programs. If you never visited our shelter you may have met Amber at a community event or program. Some, but not all, of her programs were:

    • Town of Binghamton Town Fair - 1995, 1996, 1999 and 2000
    • ARC Tours - 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003
    • Binghamton Psychiatric Center - 1995, 1996
    • Willow Point Nursing Home - 1995, 1996, 1997
    • Benjamin Franklin School Program for 5 & 6 year olds - 3/21/95
    • Boces Animal Organizations Day - 5/13/95
    • Critter Fair @ Boscov's - 6/17/95
    • Broome County Highway Department Open House - 10/14/95
    • Jenny F. Snap School Tour - Make A Difference Day - 10/28/95
    • BOCES Animal Science School Tour - 1996
    • Kids Spring Fling @ Boscov's - 4/3/96 & 3/25/97
    • STAR - Christian Girl Scout Troup tour - 11/6/96
    • Vestal Hills Elementary School - Kindergarten & 1st grades - 1996
    • Started OFA Day Care Center Visiting Program - 1/23/96
    • Ross Park Zoo's - Bark In The Park Program
    • Town of Binghamton Tiger Cubs Tour - 1/16/97
    • YESCAP - Teammates For Life @ Binghamton Mets Stadium - 6/30/97
    • BCC Day Care Center - Tours and On-site & Off-site programs - started 1996 thru 2003
    • 1st Presbyterian Endicott Nursery School - 12/15/99
    • Brownie Tour - 12/14/99
    • Front Street Days in Vestal
    • Benjamin Franklin After School Program - 5/9/01

    Amber's last program was on April 9, 2003 at Boulevard Preschool with Assistant Manager Debra Bryan and a 10 week old puppy. She was, as always, a shining example of how wonderful a mixed breed dog could be! Her passing is not just a loss to the Shelter and the staff who loved her, but also our community's children and adults with whom she had shared her life.

    While the shelter staff takes solace knowing that Amber is reunited with her friend Betsy, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge two months earlier, we find ourselves struggling with deep sadness at the emptiness left by two such special companions. I would like to thank everyone for their understanding and support during this difficult time. Those wishing to honor Amber may do so just by being kind to all animals, or by spending time with their own pets or donate a toy, blanket, dog biscuits or a dollar to a shelter animal.

    ***On February 24, 2003, our 11-year old, beloved friend "Betsy" crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Through the years she has been a shining example of how wonderful a dog can be! "Betsy's" sunny disposition made her a favorite friend to adults and children of all ages. She was deeply loved by the shelter staff and her office companion "Amber", and she will be sadly missed by all whose lives she has touched. Friends wishing may honor her by spending time with their own pet or by making a contribution in her memory to the Front Street Dog Shelter, 110 Cutler Pond Road, Binghamton, New York 13905.***

    Animal Cruelty Concerns In Broome County

    Call the BC Humane Society (607.724.3709) and/or the police agency responsible for the municipality where the animal(s) are being kept/neglected/abused.

    Preparing for Emergency Evacuation with Your Pets
    Remember..... if it is not safe for you to stay, it is not safe to leave your pet(s).
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    Front Street Dog Shelter Wish List
    • Most needed items for the month
  • Blue dawn dish liquid
  • Bleach
  • Laundry detergent
  • Refundable bottles and cans
  • Dog toys
  • Dog Shelter Drop Off
    Monday - Friday, 10:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. or By Appointment
    110 Cutler Pond Road, Binghamton, New York

    For More Information Call 607.778.2493

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    Sighs of the Heart

    Did you know that donations can be made or dropped off at the Shelter and they are tax deductable under Section 170 of the IRS Code? They are!

    SECTION 170
    All donations are placed in our Trust Fund which was established in 1994 when Broome County Government ended its fi financial support to the operation of the Shelter. Gifts donated by caring individuals, groups or organizations are used solely for the animals, programs and operation of the Shelter. They can be mailed or dropped off at the:

    Front Street Dog Shelter
    110 Cutler Pond Road
    Binghamton, New York 13905

    Volunteers deliver pet food once a month to homebound seniors.

    Come Visit Us!

    Route 81 to Front Street exit. Enter at South Broome Community College entrance directly across from Regal Cinema. Follow signs to the Front Street Dog Shelter.

    Front Street Dog Shelter
    110 Cutler Pond Road
    Binghamton, NY 13905
    Phone: 607.778.2493
    Fax: 607.778.6542

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