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Adopting A Friend

The decision to adopt a furry family member is one that should not be taken lightly. Caring for an animal entails significant time, energy, and resource commitments. 

Consider, for example, the following: 
  • The average lifespan for a dog is 12 years and the decision to adopt is a commitment to that dog for her/his lifetime
  • The estimated annual costs of caring for a dog (including food, vetting, leash/collar, grooming, training, etc) in good health range from $1,500 to $2,000. Caring for a sick, injured, or senior dog requires additional investments of time and resources. 
  • You are wholly responsible for the health and happiness of your furry family member. Your schedule must accommodate their needs and you should plan for adjustments to your lifestyle in order to provide the necessary care and attention.
Are you ready to make a lifetime commitment? If so, continue reading to learn about our adoption process: 
Step 1: Submit An Application: 

The adoption process begins when a potential adopter submits an adoption application. The adoption application collects information about the prospective adopter and allows us to gauge the fit between the adopter and the dogs we have in rescue. The happiness and well-being of our rescue dogs are our priority. As such, we do not select adopters on a 'first-come, first serve' basis. Instead, we accept multiple applications for each dog in our care and choose 2 or 3 well-suited applications for further review. 
Step 2: Reference Checks 
When an application has been selected for further consideration, we will send an email to the potential adopter to let them know their application has been approved, and to confirm that the applicant is interested in a possible adoption. If so, we call the references listed on the application. When we have completed the reference checks for the approved applications, we select 2 (sometimes 3) applicants for a home visit.   
Step 3: The Home Visit 
The home visit is the final step in determining the fit between the adopter and the adoptable dog. We ask that each family member be present at the home visit. We do not allow 'surprise' adoptions, or adoptions on behalf of a friend or family member. Our home visit isn't intrusive; we aren't there to inspect every inch of the home. We're there to meet everyone in the home, view the main living areas, view the yard, and to speak with the entire family in regards to their knowledge of and interest in the joys and the challenges of bringing a furry friend into the home. 
Step 4: The Final Decision 
Once we have finished the home visits for each potential adopter, we will make a final adoption decision. Decisions are typically made within 24 to 48 hours of the final home visit. Approved adopters will be notified via phone or email. 

Please note: 
Our primary goal is to place our rescued dogs in homes that best suit their needs. As such, an applicant may be approved for an adoption, but not receive the dog they've applied for. In these cases, we welcome the opportunity to work with the approved applicant to find a dog that is best suited for their home. We ask that potential adopters understand that our decision is wholly based on what we feel is best for the dog.

Who We Are

Loki Grrl Rescue, Inc. is a foster based rescue with foster homes throughout the Central New York region. We rescue puppies and dogs from high kill shelters, 'free to good home' ads and others that come to us through owner surrenders. Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome puppies and dogs who have been abused, neglected, chained/penned outside and/or are generally un-socialized in order to place them in loving, responsible and committed forever homes. 

We are committed to providing our pets with the best possible care. Every dog adopted from Loki Grrl Rescue will be vetted. This includes:  

  • Spay/neuter 
  • DHLPP, rabies and bordetella vaccines
  • Heartworm test (age appropriate)
  • Heartworm treatment as needed
  • Monthly flea & heartworm preventative 
  • Microchip
LGR is incorporated as a nonprofit in New York State. We are not funded by state or municipal funding and do not receive regular monetary donations. Any and all of the costs of rescue beyond the adoption fee are typically covered by the rescuers and in the majority of cases, the $300 fee does not cover the full costs of rescue & care. 

Come Visit Us

We are a foster based rescue and do not have a site for potential adopters to visit the dogs. Join us at one of our adoption events or submit an adoption application! 

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