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All cats have nine lives. Some need a tenth.

Adopting A Friend


  1. Come into Animal General and meet our available adoptees. Most of the cats that are on our website live at Animal General, as well as some additional cats who just haven't sat still long enough for a photo op to make it to the Gallery page. A few cats may be in foster at our sister location in North Carolina (Tenth Life South).
  2. If you fall in love with an animal, you need to fill out an Adoption Application and meet with Joy, our adoption specialist. She knows these animals better than anyone else at Animal General, and can help you find the right fit for your family. Some things that are taken into consideration are the number of animals you may already own, the types of animals, your lifestyle, and the personality of the pet you are looking for, just to name a few. You may fall in love with an animal here at Animal General, but you and your family must understand that he/she cannot go home that same day.
  3. After filling out the Adoption Application, you are welcome to visit the animal, but you will not be approved until we run a criminal background check and speak with three references.
  4. Once you are approved, the animal in question will get a full exit exam with one of our doctors. This may take up to 72 hours from the time of approval because the animal may need a dental cleaning or we may wait to for blood or fecal test results before sending him/her home with you. Cats and dogs over 4 months of age will be spayed or neutered before being sent home as required by New York law.
  5. Once your new family member gets a clean bill of health, you may come pick him/her up with a signed copy of your Adoption Contract and the $100 adoption fee per pet ($50 for pets in North Carolina). Please understand that adopting a new pet is a very important lifelong commitment. Our staff has invested a lot of energy and emotion into rescuing these animals and, while we look forward to them getting a permanent home, we take their adoption very seriously.


Who We Are

Tenth Life is a non-profit organization developed to provide medical assistance to rescued cats who, without the help of dedicated veterinary professionals, may otherwise be euthanized. Help us give them their Tenth Life.

Come Visit Us


Contact Joy for more information. If you are in the neighborhood Columbus Avenue and 87th St, drop by Animal General to meet the pets we have for adoption.



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