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Adopting A Friend

The steps in our adoption process:

1. Contact us for an adoption application.

2. Visit the bird at its current home or foster home.

3. Allow a home visit for help in choosing a cage location and avoiding potential hazards.

4. The CRPS does  charge an adoption fee, however a new cage may need to be purchased.

5. Sign an adoption contract. The contract requires the CRPS to call you after two weeks and to visit the bird after 6 months. At that point the adoption process will be complete. You may return the bird to the club at any time within that 6 month period.

Veterinary care:

Birds placed through current owners may not have received any veterinary care before the adoption. The CRPS highly recommends adopters take a new bird to an avian vet immediately and quarantine the new bird from other birds in the household.

Birds placed through a CRPS foster home have seen the club's veterinarian and will come with the documentation of the results of that physical exam. In the case of birds who've received treatment for injury or illness that paperwork will also be provided to the adopter. The CRPS still recommends that an appropriate quarantine time be observed before the new bird is introduced to an adopter's existing birds.

Who We Are

The Capital Region Parrot Society is a 501c3 non for profit located in Albany, NY. We are a community group dedicated to educating the public about the care, feeding, emotional needs, behaviors and other issues related to pet birds.

Society volunteers provide rescue, adoption help and rehabilitation of birds turned over to the us or to local animal shelters.

We require adoptable homes to be within an hour drive of Clifton Park, N.Y .  

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