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We do not transport dogs to adopters. If an adopter is not local they must come in person to pick up their dog. All applications are checked thoroughly prior to a home check. Home checks are done prior to a meet and greet with the pup. An application does not in anyway hold a dog for anyone. If multiple applications come in for a dog they are all taken in the order they arrive for verification. It is up to the rescue to decide what the best home is for any of our dogs. While we hate to disappoint people it is a fact of rescue that it will happen. We get new dogs constantly and would be happy to help you find the right dog for your family but sometimes, and quite often, multiple great families apply for the same dog. We have to choose and it's not easy. Please understand this and know that the animals come first in our eyes. It is their welfare that is priority to us. They have been through enough by the time we get to them.  

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All dogs are home fostered and an application must be received prior to any meet and greets. 

There are no exceptions to this so please don't ask. 

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