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If you are interested in any of our cats, please email adopt@kittykind.org and provide your name, the name of the cat you are interested in, and what you are looking for in a cat to adopt.

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KittyKind is a not-for-profit, no-kill, all-volunteer cat rescue and adoption group.  Our mission is to reduce the number of abandoned or homeless animals in New York City, where too many are discarded, abused, or ultimately euthanized at the city shelter. So often when other doors are shut, KittyKind welcomes cats from owners who can no longer keep them, from good Samaritans who find a cat on the street, and from rescuers who depend on us to take in the adoptable cats they find in their TNR (trap-neuter-release) efforts.  We have an unwavering commitment to caring for and finding the best adoptive homes for our cats, with a special dedication to those who are deemed “special needs,” because of illness, injury, disability, or age.  Each year, KittyKind rescues more than 600 cats and makes a lifetime commitment to each one of them; for the few who are difficult to place, they have a home with us for life.  The happy endings attest to the dedication of our network of compassionate, tireless volunteers and the contribution of the public, in providing donations, foster homes, and, ultimately, wonderful forever homes.

KittyKind has several core beliefs that guide our organization:

  • Animals are not property to be discarded or killed just for the “crime” of being homeless or unwanted.
  • People should be friends, caretakers, and protectors of animals.
  • We must take responsibility for the life of every animal we rescue who, through no fault of its own, is abandoned, sick, disabled, old or unable to care for itself.
  • We are dedicated to providing food, shelter, medical care, attention and comfort for every cat we rescue, until we can place them in a safe and loving home.

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