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Who We Are

BARC Shelter (aka Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition) is a private, registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation for homeless cats and dogs located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Founded in 1987, BARC survives solely on the success of our pet supply business, BQE Pet Supply, and through private donations and grants. The animals we care for come from a variety of places including strays, NYPD and FDNY drop offs, friendly cats caught in local TNR projects, and pulls from the city's "kill" shelter, the NYACC. When we are full and cannot take in any more cats or dogs we also offer a "Courtesy Listing" service. This means that we post a picture of the animal with a full description on our site to help them get adopted.

At present we have about 25 dogs and 75 cats of all ages, shapes, colors and sizes for adoption. BARC Shelter provides shelter, high-quality food, and ongoing medical attention to all of the animals in its care.

Each animal that comes into the shelter receives extensive medical care before adoption. This includes:

Microchipping - BARC now has the ability to both scan and implant microchips. Call 718-486-7489 for more information.

Some of our Goals - We want to expand our Dog Kennel and Cat Loft, and open our own low-cost spay/neuter clinic.

Adopting a friend

BARC is committed to finding the best homes for the animals in its care. We spend a lot of time making sure that when an animal is adopted it is a good match for both the new owner and the animal. For people who live outside of the BARC neighborhood, we may require a visit to the home prior to adoption. We make follow-up visits too, and provide counseling to new adopters.

A long-term committment such as pet adoption is not one that we feel should be made hastily and without thought. Animals bond to new owners quickly and it is sad for everyone if an animal must be returned to the shelter. Sometimes, however, a new BARC owner finds that the animal after all is not a good match, or there is some change in their life that makes it hard to give the animal proper care. The BARC policy is that any of its dogs or cats can be returned at any time, no matter how long after the adoption.

We advise people to come and walk some of our dogs and play with our cats to get a better idea of which animal would be best for them. We require all adopters to visit the shelter to meet us and the animal they want to adopt before they take their new companion home. Multiple visits are encouraged in order to get to know the animal better before adoption. We are open for adoptions Tuesday through Saturday, 12-5 PM. Please come at least 2 hours BEFORE closing. We require an adoption donation fee of $150. This covers, in part, the extensive medical care all of our pets receive before adoption.

All adoptors are required to complete and sign BARC's adoption agreement and provide the following: two forms of identification, one with a photo and one with your present address such as a utility bill, two personal references, and if you rent, proof that you are allowed to have pets--either a copy of your lease or a letter from your landlord.

If you are interested in a BARC animal listed on Petfinder, please call us at 718-486-7489 to confirm that the animal is still up for adoption.

If You Want To Help

Donations of gently used blankets, sheets, and towels. Cleaning supplies are always needed. Call or email us for a detailed list.

Please check out our website for more information about volunteering.

Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition
253 Wythe Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Phone: 718-486-7489

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