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Who We Are

Mighty Mutts is a no-kill, all-volunteer animal rescue group. We rescue stray dogs and cats from the streets to provide them with food, shelter and any needed medical treatment - including:

When brought back to health, these very special animals are made available for adoption to permanent, loving homes.

Although our limited facilities prevent us from rescuing all of the strays we encounter, we still do our best to make sure as many as possible are fed through our nightly feeding routes. These routes help to give nourishment to dozens upon dozens of strays, seven nights a week, fifty-two weeks a year. To find out more about our routes, or to give us a helping hand, please contact us.

Adopting a Friend

Here's how our adoption process works:

  • We do most of our adoptions in Union Square in Manhattan because we don't have a public shelter. You can meet many of our animals there on Saturdays; we are generally there from about 11am until sundown, as long as it isn't pouring outside. And Now we also show inside Petco at Union Square as well.
  • Additionally, you may visit Ollie's Place--A no-kill cat adoption center run by Mighty Mutts where people can come and meet wonderful adoptable cats in a relaxed, open setting.
  • If you hit it off with one of our animals, you can fill out an application at Union Square or at Ollie's Place (for cats only).
  • If your application looks like a good match with the animal you're interested in, we'll call and do a phone interview with you.
  • If the match still seems like a great one, we'll do an in-house interview.
  • For all dog adoptions, we require permanent child safety guards on every window in the apartment. We can advise you on how to get these installed.
  • For all cat adoptions, we require permanent window screens on every window in the apartment. We can also advise you on getting these installed.
  • If you have had a pet recently, we generally check your vet references.
  • The adoption fee is $275.00 for each animal.
  • So that we can follow up with our animals after they've been placed, we only adopt animals to tri-state area residents.

All too often, people decide to adopt a dog or cat on impulse, not realizing that their split-second decision is one their pet will have to live with for the rest of its life. For this reason, Mighty Mutts NEVER PERMITS THE IMMEDIATE ADOPTION OF AN ANIMAL. All potential owners must consider their decision for a 24-hour period. They must be fully aware of the responsibilities involved in having a pet, such as daily exercise, visits to the veterinarian, and finding reliable care when they must be away.

Most importantly, they must understand that adopting a pet is not like buying a sweater: a pet cannot be returned just because it seemed cuter in the store. Pets bond quickly with their owners, and they feel the pangs of abandonment when rejected, returned to a shelter or, worse yet, turned out to the streets.

From Our Founder

If you want the most loyal and best friend you'll ever have in your life, who will stand by you through thick and thin and ask nothing in return, then adopt a pet.

If you want someone who will overlook your faults, who will always be willing to forgive you no matter what you do, and who will always be there for you with unconditional love, then adopt a pet.

If you are absolutely sure that you are ready to make the same commitment to an animal that he so unhesitantly makes to you, then adopt a pet.

But when you see that pet who looks really cute, and you just can't wait to take him home, think first how much he may have already suffered in his short lifetime. Make sure you adopt a pet for the right reasons.


John Contino
Mighty Mutts Founder

Happy Homes Click here to see our recent adoptees!

Volunteers and Donations

We are always looking for both! If you're interested in volunteering, fostering, or donating money, supplies, or anything else you think we would find helpful, please stop by and see us in Union Square or at Ollie's Place. Or you can always call or email us.

Come Visit Us!

We do our adoptions from Union Square in Manhattan on Saturdays, as well as inside Petco at Union Square. For cats, you can also visit Ollie's Place on East 9th Street, between Avenue A and First Avenue.

Mighty Mutts
PO Box 1147
New York NY 10276-1147

You can visit our main site for even more info about us and our beautiful animals.Plus you can find out ways to help!

Email: info@mightymutts.org

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