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We are part of the Cirneco dell’Etna Club of America. Our mission is to find homes for displaced animals of this rare breed. We support the neutering and spaying of rescues

If a Cirneco dell’Etna is relinquished, we offer assistance with education and/or locating foster homes and adoptive owners. We will work in any way possible to promote the permanent placement of any Cirneco. Permanent homes are vetted by our rescue committee as well as local CdECA members to insure a successful and happy placement.. SIZE: males: from 18 1/10” to 20 1/2” (46 to 52 cm) females: from 16 1/2” to 19 7/10” inches (42 to 50 cm) WEIGHT: males: 22 to 27 lbs (10 to 12 kg) females: 17 to 22 lbs (8 to 10 kg). Note: The size and weight refers to the breed standard which is the ideal. Depending on the breeding and environment, the size and weight has a wider range than that of the standard. GENERAL APPEARANCE: Hound type of elegant and slender build, medium size, not cumbersome, but strong and hardy. The Cirneco is a long-limbed dog of light construction, square outline; the coat ranges from fine (similar to an Italian Greyhound) to a soft thicker coat, not an undercoat (similar to that of a Retriever puppy). The color is chestnut or tan with or without white markings. The best known breed in America with whom it is usually associated is the Pharaoh Hound. The most obvious differences are: 1) Size: the Cirneco is noticeably smaller than the Pharaoh Hound 2) Earset: both have ears that are naturally erect but Pharaoh ears stand in a "V" position whereas correct Cirneco ears are parallel, 3) Length of body: Cirnechi are square, much as a Doberman whereas Pharaohs are "long of body" - rectangular. Both have tails that are long and natural. These dogs crave warmth and should live indoors. Facts: The Cirneco dell’Etna is considered one of the ancient breeds disseminated around the Mediterranean Basin by Phoenician traders. The Cirneco was bred as a rabbit hunter in Sicily for about 2000 years. Cirnechi hunt by scent, sound, and sight and should be kept on leash in unprotected open areas. They do have a strong prey drive and introduction to cats and small dogs should be closely monitored. Many cirnechi coexist quite peacefully with other animals. While they do not respond well to harsh treatment or roughhousing, they blossom under patient and gentle handling. The Cirneco is inquisitive, adaptable, responsive, and thrives with pack interaction.

Adopting a friend

Contact us for an adoption application. Applications are kept on file and lists are periodically updated. You must be willing to provide references and submit to a home inspection. We are also looking for foster volunteers.

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Cirneco dell’Etna Club of America Rescue Committee

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