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The Bluskies Small Animal Rescue is temporarily closed. The listings currently on this site, are the Mountain Vista Animal Hospitals wonderful adoptable pets and also courtesy postings for the general public.

All inquiries made on adoptable pets. Will automatically be re-routed to the appropriate person in charge. If for some reason you have any problems getting through. Please call the number that is listed on the page of the pet, that you are interested in adopting.

" For cash and or check donations to help our Rescued Animals...

Please Note: Our animals are not housed at this location. This is just one of the animal hospitals that we use for their medical care. Please send all cash and check donations to this address and it will be placed into our Rescue account. These funds are currently running low and we truly do appreciate any and all help that can be offered by you. Emergencies do come up and then we often struggle to keep up with them. Thank you for caring about our darling little Rescues. Please make all checks payable to:

"Mountain Vista Animal Hospital"
Account # 23293

"Memo: Bonnie Thomas/ Rescues"

"4675 E. Flamingo Road

Las Vegas, Nevada 89121"

Doggy Beds!

Our pups absolutely adore Kuranda dog beds! Please consider donating a soft, warm place to sleep for a rescued pet. They truly appreciate it, we appreciate it. And we all sleep just a little bit better, knowing that they are cozy in these awesome little beds. To donate a bed to one of our babies today, please click on the link below.

Pamper A Homeless Pet!

Kuranda USA
P.O. Box 6651
Annapolis, MD 21401
Phone: 1-800-752-5308
Fax: 410-266-3944

Do you need to Surrender your pet?

We accept owner turn in's of many, many small animals, including entire litters of kittens and or puppies. We specialize in the smaller breeds such as: Yorkshire Terriers, Chihuahua's, Min-Pins, Maltese, Pekinese & all "Small mixes" are just as welcomed.

To us..., all of our rescues are just as beautiful. They live in our homes, share our lives, capture our hearts and we love them all very dearly.

We also accept unwanted and or homeless birds & ferrets. Provided..., that they come to us in an appropriate cage. For all other small animals, such as Rodents, chinchilla's ect. Please do inquire as we may be able to help you.

If you have an animal that you need to surrender to rescue. Please inquire by e-mailing us. We will do our very best to answer any questions that you may have. You can also be assured that you will be treated in a respectful manner.


Who We Are

We are a group of caring & wonderful people, who are all working together, towards one common goal. The health and the welfare of the displaced, homeless, and unwanted animals. We provide housing, medical care and a new begining to our furry friends. All animals are treated as a member of our own families until a new and forever home can be found for them. We do not discriminate against age and or medical factors. We believe that all animals regardless of their past, deserve a second chance at life. We are not -for-profit, No-Kill and we operate solely on donations and money from out of our own pockets. We are Rescue friendly, as the animals welfare, is our first and our foremost priority.

Where our animals come from?

The animals that we have available for adoption are "Owner surrenders". Pets that can no longer stay with their families due to illness, owners moving, a birth in the family, and many, many other reasons. We also pull a great many animals from the local high-kill shelter. Animals that are set to die after only a few days, SIMPLY, because their time runs out. We pull these animals because we know that many of them are wonderful pets. They just didn't have enough time for the public to know that they are indeed available. These animals deserve a second chance at life. We have literally pulled them out of there, just minutes before they are set to die... These animals are grateful to see a kind face and they show it with their exceptional personalities. They are the truest form of rescues and they make a wonderful addition to some very lucky families. Consider their plight today and pick a pound puppy over a pet shop puppy.

Adopting a friend

Adoptions: Our adoption fee's range from $5.00 & up depending on our vet bills incurred. (Large parrots & some exotics adoption fee's may differ from the canines and smaller rodents. We do not set the fee's according to breed. Rather, to how much we have invested in the animal and our general costs as a whole. We do this in order to try and offset our own costs. To us, a mix is just as beautiful and just as priceless as a purebred. Any and all adoption fee's are to be considered donations. We require adoption contracts. We will not place an animal in a home that is unsuitable for them. (Example:) We will not place a large breed animal in to an apartment situation. If you find a friend here that just absolutely tugs at your heart strings. Please e-mail us at the address posted. We will respond to your inquiries promptly, as we never want to miss that perfect new home for our wonderful, little babies. Any and all animals that are posted are available, unless otherwise noted.

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BluSkies Small Animal Rescue

BluSkies Small Animal Rescue

Las Vegas, NV


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