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Since 1997, I have saved over 100 dogs. But Samoyeds needing homes in my area has really dropped off in the past few years.  They are more common in other parts of the USA.

Most of the time, I do not have any dogs that are available for adoption.  Especially, I do not have or get puppies.  The dogs I get are already almost 2 years old.



Adopting A Friend


1 application

2 interview by phone

3 home visit, or in case of long distance, pictures of your home sent to me, and/or a visit with either a nearby rescue group representative or animal control agent.

4 appointment to meet the dog

5 adoption

Who We Are

I'm a lover of samoyeds who has been saving dogs since 1997. I save Samoyeds (pure and mixed) from the shelter or I take in unwanted samoyeds from owners. I foster these sweet and loving dogs until they are adopted. In many cases, these are not show quality or pure bred dogs. Sometimes, their past is unknown. They need a new start in life.

If you need help re-homing your dog or some other assistance, please email me.

Come Visit Us

I do not have a shelter to visit. The best thing to do is to ask to be put on my waiting list.  I will contact everyone on the list when I learn of a dog that needs a home.

Better yet, visit my website:


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