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Here are some pix from one of our skis up Logan Canyon. The first time we took Barley, we skied for 3 hours and he loved it! He didn't even drag me into a ditch.

Barley has definitely turned into a snow dog. This weekend it got into the 50s and he and Camas almost died on our Saturday hike- they were rolling in the snow trying to cool off. Yesterday we went for a long ski and they had a great time- running all over the place. Kris jokes that Barley and I have the long legs in the family (I'm 6' tall) and he and I just cruise out in the front. Camas and Kris are both more barrel chested and they were pretty tired at the end.

Barley is also getting better with his food. This morning he ate all of his and then walked past Camas's bowl without trying to steal her food. Usually I have to tell him to leave her dinner alone, but today I just watched. Camas eats much slower than Barley, but he's definitely slowing down.

Hope you like the pictures- haven't been able to get too many action shots of Barley skiing- it's hard. The one above is half-way up, they were getting treats from Kris. This one is at the top - me and my kids!


Here's a rafting picture to add to Barley's Happy Tail

We rafted a mellow stretch of the Colorado River upstream of Moab over Memorial Day weekend. Barley wasn't too sure about the boat at first, but he got up on it and once he was one, he did great! When we first got Barley, he would barely put his feet in the water. He still doesn't like to swim, but now he plays in the streams with Camas. We throw sticks for Camas to swim and retreive and Barley wades in a little bit, then waits for her to come back and tries to steal the stick. Both dogs lay down on the raft (they took up most of the sitting space- the humans sat on the side tubes) and put their noses in the air to catch the smells. We camped down there 3 nights. Barley loves camping. At first he wasn't sure about the tent, but now he's usually the first one in at night and he tries to steal our sleeping pads. We went for a big hike up a wash. Camas loves having someone around that appreciates good smells- she's stop to sniff something and Barley will run over and check it out. There were pools of water with water-skippers and they tried to catch them, but the bugs were too fast.

Over 4th of July weekend, we're going to Boise to do some day trips on the raft. These river will have more whitewater, so I'm not sure how Barley will handle it when a wave crashes over his head. We'll definitely have a designated dog holder and he'll have his big lifejacket on. They have to get used to whitewater before our 8 day trip down the Middle Fork of the Salmon in the end of July.

We're definitely spoiling Barley with lots of loving and hiking. He now recognizes his leash and runs to the back gate and jumps around when I bring it out. He always looks so happy when he out doing something with the family. Camas never changed much when we got Barley. She seems to love having some one around to chew on and tear apart stuffed animals with.

I think that's it for now. I'll let you know how the whitewater goes! Laura

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