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We have a new location to view all of our animals.  Located just outside of Las Vegas, we have three acres in which to adopt, with the option of boarding your personal pets.  We provide $10 doggie washes and nail clips for $8. 

Boarding Prices:

  Daycare $12

  Inside Run, overnight $14

  Inside/Ouside run overnight $16


     All The Same Wild And Tame Sanctuary

        Located @ The Kastle

            6091 Gills Way

          Pahrump, Nv 89061

Adopting A Friend

Here at All the Same Wild and Tame we have a fairly simple and straightforward adoption process.

Adoption fee There is an adoption fee which differs per animal species. The adoption fee covers the veterinary expenses (vaccinations, spay & neuter, examinations, etc), food and care, and the cost for the rescue to save the animal from the shelter. The adoption fee is a tax deductible donation. 

Adoption fee ranges

  • Dogs $240-$400
  • Cats $85-$300
  • Guinea pigs $20 single, $30 bonded same-sex pairs
  • Gerbils $10 
  • Rats $10
  • Dwarf Hamsters $5 single or BOGO for multiples
  • Syrian Hamsters $20 single, $30 pair, $35 trio


Adoption application

The adoption application asks basic questions about you, your current animals, and about the care you plan to provide for the adopted animal. Applications can be completed at any of our adoption events or via email.


Who We Are


Animals are not disposable!!!
We are an non-profit 501(c)(3) volunteer rescue sanctuary organization for exotic and domestic animals specializing in the care, and treatment of animals that would have otherwise been destroyed from shelters, or by uncaring humans. 

We are a committed to saving the lives of animals from Los Angeles and transporting them to Las Vegas, Nevada for adoption and care. We protect the lives stray and
 abandoned dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, guinea pigs, rats, ferrets, chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils, birds, reptiles, sugar gliders, and many more. 


Come Visit Us



Come visit us and a bunch of adoptable animals at our weekly adoption events:
      All The Same Wild And Tame @ The Kastle

          Monday Through Saturday 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.

                       6091 Gills Way

                     Pahrump, Nv 89061


Every Saturday and Sunday:


1631 Marks St. 

Henderson, Nv




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