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The primary mission of CRCS is the rescue, recovery and placement of at-risk dogs in our community. We do not discriminate against age, breed, or medical condition. We provide refuge and a second chance for dogs needing at new start.

Dogs that come into our care are victims of abuse, dog fighting, and laboratory research. We also take in dogs that have suffered from neglect, hoarding and puppy mill cases and dogs that have endured long term confinement or isolation. We are a support for rescues and shelters, taking in dogs that have been waiting for extended periods to find a home, dogs that have been returned multiple times and dogs that are struggling in the shelter environment due to fear and lack of socialization.

Please consider joining us as we begin our capitol campaign to raise $1 million dollars over the next 4 years to purchase and renovate the facility we are currently leasing and to create a unique 5.2 acre campus geared towards the rescue and recovery of our canine best friends.

For more information visit our website www.crcsgiveslife.org

Adopting A Friend

Adopt a dog from us, and you adopt a new family. We offer animal help, training, and placement for the entire life of the dog. We LOVE our dogs! 

If interested in any of our dogs, please e-mail us at CRCSReno@att.net. 

Who We Are

Canine Rehabilitation Center and Sanctuary (CRCS) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to helping dogs recover from trauma and finding them their forever homes. We specialize in dogs that are scheduled to be euthanized and dogs have gone through abuse, neglect, long term confinement, and the like. We will also offer temporary housing for pets of the military and elderly, hospice foster, socialization programs for rescue dogs, and a sanctuary program for special needs dogs and cats. We are a no-kill organization. 

Come Visit Us

Our campus is located in Washoe Valley just 6 short miles south of Reno, Nevada and within minutes of Lake Tahoe and Carson City. We have 5.2 acres of land and 11,200 sq feet of indoor space offering a safe haven for dogs in recovery.

Our facility offers close access to Davis Creek Park, Washoe Lake, Timberline trails and many more peaceful "off the beaten path" walking trails.

We are not open to the public. We are happy to give folks a tour of the facility and talk to you about our plans and current projects. If you would like a tour, please email us at crcsreno@att.net to make an appointment.

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