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Correctly matching new horse and home is our most important task.  We do not rush the process and applicants will find that we carefully scrutinize all aspects of our horse's future life.  We do this in the best interest of the horse while knowing that good homes will appreciate our diligence. 

All our horses are kept in private foster, so arrangements must be made to meet a LEAN horse.  We require an adoption application be completed first to review and discuss with you before setting an appointment with a foster home.  

Please click HERE to complete an application.   Must reside within 100 miles of Las Vegas, NV.

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All Vegas Horses utilizes its LEAN program (Local Equine Assistance Network) to take in horses seized by or surrendered to local Animal Control agencies. These horses, donkeys and burros receive medical and rehabilitative care in the homes of our approved fosters until such time as they are adopted. A rigid screening process of both fosters and adopters is conducted to ensure we do our best to match horse and home appropriately. 100% volunteer 501c3 organization. We do not take horses in from private parties however we offer owners network help to find new homes for their horses. We also conduct community clinics such as Operation Gelding clinics and event volunteering opportunities.

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L.E.A.N. is a horse nonprofit unlike other rescues in that we do not have a physical ranch or sanctuary. All the horses are kept in private foster homes and cared for by the members of that foster's barn. In this way, no one facility is overwhelmed by multiple horses and each foster gets the opportunity to take care of a single horse until such time as it is adopted to its forever home. 

We know that people want to meet our horses, so keep an eye on our Events when we may have horses to share and introduce to the public!

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