City of Carlin Animal Shelter

Our Pet List

Our Shelter is currently one dog who has an adoption pending and we have not posted him online yet. Please remember that although our shelter may have dogs in it that does not necessarily mean they are available for adoption and can not be listed.


With Easter coming up we would like to take this time to remind people that bunnies and chicks are cute but sometimes not the gift for your child. Bunnies can require a lot of maintenance at times and chicks are only allowed in certain areas of the city. Please keep these things in mind when you see them and want to get one for your child, it is not always the best idea.


Spring is coming up and it will be time to clean the yards. With the days starting to warm up the smells will soon arrive too. Your dogs mess may not be the aroma the neighbors want to smell. Please be respectful of your neighbors and clean up after your dog too.

Dogs running at large

Just a reminder that if your dog is caught running at large you could face paying impound fees and/or receive a ticket. The penalty for a dog at large for the first offense is $72.00 and it goes up from there with each offense. The third offense actually requires a court appearance. If your dog is impounded it will cost $30.00 per dog to get the dog out. Let's not forget that if your dog is not licensed you can be charged for a dog without a license and that will add $72.00 to your ticket. People do not like to clean up after a dog when they do not own one, so please keep your dog in your yard.

Barking Dog Complaints

Lately there seem to be a growing number of barking dog complaints. Barking dogs can be a big problem in a city where there are a lot of people on shift work. If you have one of those problem dogs you can try bark collars if the problem persists. There are a couple of different kinds, one that uses an electric shock and one that uses citronella spray to deter the barking. If yelling at the dog to be quiet doesn't work then maybe you should try other methods. You as the dog owner can be cited for a nuisance violation. There can be fines and then if it continues the judge can order the dogs out of town. Don't risk losing your pet over a barking issue.


With a new pet you have sixty days to get the dog licensed. A puppy doesn't have to be licensed until they are six months old. If you have a dog that you have had in the City of Carlin longer than sixty days or is a pup older than six months you will be subject to a $15.00 penalty.

Adopting a Friend

Our current adoption fee is $25.00. To adopt one of the animals come look at the one you want to adopt and then we have a form to fill out and the animal is yours.


I will ship the dogs via airlines, as that is the only shipping currently available. The dogs are shipped via Delta Dash program. The airline requires a healtth ceritficate for the dog to be shipped so you are responsible for the vet costs as well. There is also a fee for purchasing a dog carrier to place the dog in for travel. Check out Delta's website for prices on shipping an animal via the Dash program. I do not require the adoption fee when shipping any dog due to the cost of shipping. Any other questions you have regarding shipping please feel free to call me as I may have an answer for you. Due to recent events, all costs will need to be paid for up front. The animal will be shipped once all expenses are paid for. If paying for vet expenses with a credit card I will verify with the vet that the expenses have been paid for before the animal is taken in for its check up.


I appreciate all the email that I have gotten. I also enjoy hearing about how all the animals that have been adopted are doing. One thing to remember before emailing me about adopting a dog is that I can not adopt to anyone under the age of 18 without the parents permission. I also ask that unless you are serious about adopting a dog to not email me. I recieve several emails from people claiming they would like to adopt a dog, but then it turns out they are not serious about it. Don't diminish the dogs chances of adoption by falsely emailing to adopt it. When I am under the impression the dog is going to be adopted, everyone else that inquires about the dog is placed on a list. When the email inquiry doesn't follow through it is usually too late and the other people have found another dog already which then leads to the dog in question beign euthanized.

Come Visit Us!

If you want to look at any of the dogs currently in the Animal Shelter, stop by the Carlin Police Department and I will be more than happy to take you there. Directions Just come to the Police Department located at 152 S. 8th St. If you are coming in off of I-80 take the 282 exit. From the 282 head south into Carlin until you hit the four-way stop. From the four-way stop you go straight (south) until you cross the railroad tracks, then turn right. After turning right you will be on Main St. Go two blocks down (west) until you reach S. 8th St., turn left. The Police Department is located on the right side of the road.
City of Carlin Animal Shelter
152 South 8th Street
P.O. 969
Carlin NV 89822
Phone: 775-754-2222

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