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The Maritime Horse Protection Society was formed in 1992 in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.  We are a branch of CANFACT (Canadian Farm Animal Care Trust) which has been incorporated since July 1989 as a Federal non-profit organization and registered with the Department of Revenue as a charitable society.

Over the years we have developed an excellent adoption program.  When a horse has been relinquished to Horse Protection, it is housed at our barn until examined by a veterinarian, observed and evaluated for behaviour issues and then a search for a suitable permanent home begins.  We are proud to say this program has been very successful. 

At present, Horse Protection has 12 horses and one donkey in our program.  Three of these horses currently live at our barn, one remains with his owner until a home is found and the other nine are in permanent foster homes.

Adopting A Friend

Individuals interested in becoming a permanent foster family are interviewed by a representative from the society to make sure the horse they are interested is the "right fit."   We then do a site visit to ensure the property has suitable housing, fencing, etc. and if everything goes well, the application form is filled out, checked and the horse is ready to go their new home. 

Over the next few weeks a representative will visit the family on a few occasions to ensure everyone is happy with their decision to foster and after that we conduct a yearly visit to keep in touch!

Permanent foster families do not pay a fee for their horse, however, they are responsible for the proper care of the horse as outlined by Maritime Horse Protection.  They are also required to sign an Adoption/Agreement form outlining the necessary care. 

If Horse Protection is not satisfied with the care provided, the animal may be removed from their adoptive home.  New owners know they have the responsibility for the animal for the rest of its life.

Owners are becoming increasingly aware of the uncertainty of selling their horses, as more and more are finding their way to the sales barns for slaughter.  Horse Protection offers a viable alternative.

Who We Are

Welcome to the Maritime Horse Protection Society. Since 1992 the society has been assisting, rehabilitating, and finding homes for horses in the Maritimes. We are very proud of the work we do and are rewarded when we find that perfect home for a horse in need. In our journey we have found many wonderful people willing to help and those who are willing to accept help when needed! Thank you to everyone who has supported us in the past and to those who will support us in the future! 

Our Goals;

Horses are mistreated or abused due to economic hardship, lack of knowledge, neglect or intentional cruelty . The Maritime Horse Protection Society works in three main areas to address these causes.



•    Increase awareness in the general public of the problem of horse abuse and mistreatment.
•    Provide horse owners with information and support on the proper care and feeding of horses.
•    Inform potential owners of the real costs and commitment involved in horse ownership.


•    Changes are needed to the Provincial Animal Cruelty Act to provide more protection for all animals.
•    Laws governing the transportation of horses need to be improved.

Assistance for Horses In Distress

•    Investigation of suspected mistreatment and provide support, and guidance if necessary 
•    Relocation or adoption


Come Visit Us

If you are interested in visiting our horses or learning more about our organization please feel free to contact us!  You can also visit our website at www.maritimehorseprotection.ca. to learn more about our group and read about our horses in care and horses looking for homes. 

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