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SPRING CLEAN YOUR DOG DAY!! Companion Animal Rescue Association would like to extend our greatest appreciation to the wonderful Dr.'s and staff at Westwood Hills Vet Clinic for hosting their first "Spring Clean Your Dog Day" event. This event was a huge success and all profits went to support animal rescue . A special thank - you also to the many great people who came out to support us on Sunday March 21, 04 despite the weather. We bathed 75 dogs and had to turn away 10 -15 more. There were lots of inquirys as to when the next bathing day would be...Everyone was soaked and the place reaked of "wet dog", but a fun day was had by all, expecially the pamperd pets!!


C.A.R.A is an all volunteer not for profit society formed to provide loving forever homes for all breeds of dogs and cats. We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abused, abandoned, injured and mistreated animals through the use of foster homes. We provide education and promote responsible pet ownership including spay and neuter. We work closely with local SPCA's and private shelters in finding permanent homes for animals.


If you see a pet you would like to adopt, there is a certian procedure to follow. The first step is to contact us and let us know you are interested. Then you fill out an application, once that application is approved then you can come and see the pet you are interested in. If it's love at first site, you'll be one your way home with the newest member of your family. Its that easy!


Please remember these sites or write them down, as they are not links. For a wide variety of pet information visit this site . Another site that is worth a visit is this is for the pet owner that thinks the only alternative to a problem is giving up their beloved pet. For the pet owner that is hoping to find Alternative Remedies for a problem, please visit this site


We are not actually in one location. We have many volunteers helping to foster these animals. We are in Halifax and the surrounding areas. When you call on a specific animal then we can give you directions.
Companion Animal Rescue Association
P.O. Box 64
Halifax, NS B0J 1T0
Phone: (902) 857-1688

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