Bro and Tracy Animal Welfare Inc.

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Who We Are

Bro & Tracy Animal Welfare is dedicated to helping individual animals connect with the right people. We do this by showcasing pets available for adoption from other shelters and private individuals who don't have access to Petfinder. We do not have a physical shelter. Bro & Tracy was founded by Joyce Fay, an award winning animal photographer and long time animal advocate. See our website for a complete list of adoptable animals.

Adopting a Friend

Each rescue pet has individual contact information in their posting.

Contact Us

We do not have a physical shelter, and usually cannot take in any animals. In addition to the pets we have listed here on Petfinder, please visit our home website at to meet more wonderful animals available for adoption through Bro & Tracy and private individuals.

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Bro and Tracy Animal Welfare Inc.
Corrales, NM 87048
a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Association
Please see individual pet listing for contact information.

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