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We feature Cockatiels and other parrots that have lost, or found. See our featured bird by looking through our list of birds, they are all special.


Our web site is where we provide many useful tips, helps and links to other sites, along with a current list of lost and found cockatiels and the names and telephone numbers of their current host.

Who We Are

Avian Rescue Corporation (ARC) is a bird rescue saving one small life at a time, with collection points throughout the southwestern US. We originated as Cockatiel Rescue in 2001, began rescuing other birds and incorporated into ARC in 2007. We are a non-profit, public benefit corporation with IRS 501 tax exempt status. Our Mission Statement and Goals, along with much information is provided on our web site at:

Adopting a friend

To adopt from ARC, you must first come in for an interview. We want to be comfortable that any bird placed is going to a safe and caring environment. Most of our birds came from one or more unfortunate situations and we try our best to break that cycle and provide them a safe and loving home. At the interview you will be asked about how you intend to care for the bird, what you know about that bird species, food and nutrition, and medical care. Does your income support the addition of another life. Following the successful completion of an interview, you will have an opportunity to meet the bird(s) and start becoming acquainted. Quite often, the bird will pick out the person. You may need to make several meetings in order for both of you being comfortable with each other. Once the meeting has been completed, you will fill out an adoption form (provided on our web site), then have a home inspection, where we look for any dangers for a bird. Following that, you pay an adoption fee based on the type of bird and the adoption process is complete.

Come Visit Us!

We are currently located in Concord, CA and Albuquerque, NM. Call (925)686-2350 for an appointment and directions.
Avian Rescue Corp, aka Cockatiel Rescue
1212 St Elizabeth Ct, Concord, CA
4208 Ridgerunner Rd NW, Albuquerque, NM
Phone: (925)686-2350, or (505) 899-5979

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