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7/12/2005.--Roscoe is a purebred black 3-yr-old male Cocker Spaniel. Although he does get along with most dogs, he would prefer to be the only dog in the home. He is well-housetrained, and does not mark in the house. He loves to go for walks on a leash and will play ball and frisbee. Roscoe was given up by his Texas family when they fell on hard times. He has always been a well-groomed, much loved member of the family. Roscoe is neutered, has up to date vaccinations, and is ready for a new permanent home. His adoption fee is $150. If you would like to meet him please send an email to


Cocker Spaniel Rescue of New Mexico is now located on the grounds of Saint Frances Animal Sanctuary. Two years ago, when we started CSR, the plan to rescue only cockers lasted about a week. Since we started advertizing our existance we have continually received requests from potential adoptors for other breeds of dogs and cats. We also specialize in Siamese (colorpoint exotics) cats and kittens. We always have several on board, waiting for permanent forever homes. No dogs or cats are bred at our facilities, and we don't get animals from breeders. All animals available for adoption have been rescued, many from the shelter during their last minutes. Cocker Spaniels come to us weekly from all around the Southwest. We receive them from many public and private shelters, off the streets, and due to owner surrenders. For the most part they are housetrained, good with other animals, and good with children. We get them neutered, groomed, and test their temperament to make sure we know what kind of family would make the best match for each dog. There are many homeless Cocker Spaniels, and many people waiting to adopt them. The great void is in the amount of foster homes available to temporarily house and care for them until they can be adopted by a permanent family. Anyone who would like to volunteer to be a foster home for a needy Cocker Spaniel is urged to contact us via email.

Who We Are

Cocker Spaniel Rescue of New Mexico, is a division of the Homeless Animal Rescue Team, Inc. (HART). A former Cocker Spaniel breeder and member of HART saw the many cockers in the Albuquerque public shelters. When the occasional cocker came into HART a deluge of calls would come in requesting to adopt the animal. Because of the obvious need to do more for cockers in mid-New Mexico, the HART Board of Directors voted to create a specific branch of the organization dedicated to this popular breed. CSR came into existance on March 23, 2003. In the first month of existance, CSR rescued and placed six Cocker Spaniels. Two years later we have rescued dozens.

Adopting a friend

A routine Adoption Agreement is completed, signed and dated by the adoptor, and co-signed by a CSR representative. There is an adoption fee of about $150, occasionally lower for aged animals. CSR staff are always available to answer questions, especially during the transition period to help the family and new pet become adjusted to each other.

Come Visit Us!

Generally, when a Cocker Spaniel is ready to be adopted, we will match him or her with someone on our waiting list. The potential adoptor is invited to bring their family and visit the cocker at the foster home. The foster caregiver interviews the family and discusses the possibility of adoption.
Cocker Spaniel Rescue
PO Box 1695

Peralta, NM 87042
Phone: 505 / 550-2342; best way is by email

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