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This is Bob! He is a wonderful, gentle guy who is about 8 years old and loves children. His foster family has 5! He also has the special need of taking medication for a condition with his rear legs. We think that he may not have been able to get enough exercise when growing and that this affected the development of his rear legs. The rescue organization will assist with the cost of his medication and offer a reduced adoption fee. Bob really is a love who is looking for a forever family with children to pet and hug him!


Please check back often as we have have fund raisers that support the rescue scheduled throughout the year!

Who We Are

Enchantment Great Pyrenees Club and Rescue is located in Albuquerque, NM and is dedicated to saving Great Pyrenees in New Mexico. All administrative costs and labor are provided by the volunteering club members and all donations are solely for the rescue and care of our dogs. We are always looking for people willing to foster our rescued dogs. Please contact Patty Court (821-8394) or Susie Hunter 281-1926 for our fostering criteria.

Adopting a friend

Is this the right breed for you? Here are some quick facts that will help you determine if this is the right breed for you and your family. Our rescue coordinators can also answer other questions for you. Size: Are you physically able to handle a large dog? Although basically gentle, Pyrs are strong, independent and, at times, challenging. Males are 27"-32" (27"=100 lbs.) & females are 25"-29" (25"=85lbs.). Because of their size, they need extra-large everything (crates, beds, food dishes, car transportation, etc.) Size is also a consideration when it comes to boarding, vaccines, medication and groomers. Health: Pyrs are generally very healthy for a large purebreed dog and can live a full, healthy life of 10-12 years. Some health concerns are, however, bloat, heatstroke, cancer, patellar luxation, hip dysplasia & dwarfism. Dog Hair: The correct coat is a double coat that sheds dirt easily, but still requires about 30 minutes of brushing per week. No shearing, clipping or cutting, please! A Pyr's coat is important in insulating the dog from both heat and cold and protecting its skin from sunburn. They do shed heavily twice a year (garbage bags full!) and so, there are white hairs in Pyr homes and on Pyr people. Time: A Pyr needs love and attention on a daily basis and needs to interact with its family. A lonesome dog is a bored dog and a bored dog is a destructive dog. Pyrs can be fence climbers or diggers. They like to dig holes to lie in, so if you want a pristine yard, this is not the breed for you. Temperament: Although the Great Pyrenees is a gentle, tractable breed, but was not bred to get along with other dogs. They were bred to guard livestock, keep the shepherd company and work with a small herding dog. Troubles may occur when the Pyrs are asked to live with other large, dominat breeds or another same sex Pyr. The correct temperment is NOT, however, aggressive toward people. These dogs may be dominating due to the job they were bred to do. Therefore, they can be a challenge in the hands of an inexperienced, timid or frail owner. Good socialization and obedience training are a must! Roaming: This is a biggie! Because of a Pyr's guardian instinct for large areas of land, it must never be walked off-leash and needs a sturdy 6 foot fenced yard! Barking: This is another biggie! Pyr's are barkers because of their guardian instinct and this and roaming are the most common reasons that Pyrs are turned into rescues and shelters! As a guard dog, Pyrs will bark if they hear anything "suspicious," i.e., prowler, squirrels, wind rustling leaves. This is a critical characteristic of the breed that potential owners must understand BEFORE adding a Pyr to their family! Inconclusion, if you are still considering a Great Pyrenees, do your homework and talk to other Pyr owners. These big, wooly dogs can become wonderful family members if they are the right fit for you.

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Check back here often. We hold many Pyr events for our club members and they are good opportunities for potential owners to meet and interact with this wonderful breed firsthand.
Enchantment Great Pyrenees Rescue
PO Box 50085

Albuquerque, NM 87181
Phone: (505) 821-8394; (505) 281-1926

Email: plcourt@aol.com; rhunter@aol.com
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