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We are excited to announce that starting in January all of our dogs will be microchipped! This will provide a lifetime safety net for all of the dogs that are rescued by our group. There will be a slight increase in our adoption fees to help cover the additonal cost.

We are in great need of materials, supplies and money to care for all our animals. All donations are 100% TAX DEDUCTABLE! Volunteers are also needed at adoption clinics & foster homes for dogs & puppies!
If you would like any further informtion about us or any services we provide, or are interested in volunteering/donating please feel free to contact us!

Who We Are

Little Bear Rescue is a New Mexico Non-Profit w/an umbrella of a 501(c)3 so all donations are 100% tax deductable! The purpose of the organization is to provide rescue services and sanctuary for abused, neglected, abandoned, and otherwise unwanted animals throughout New Mexico.The organization will assist such animals by providing vaccinations, sterilization,medical treatment, rehabilitation, adoption services & provide free foster care for special needs populations. This is accomplished in a no-kill, home-like environment.We do not euthanize for population control, when we're full, we're full, until space opens up through adoptions or foster care.
We are primarily a dog rescue due to the limited space and lack of funds.We specialize in roadside rescue, we feel that the animals we find wandering in the road are in the greatest need of our services.
If an animal is considered to be unadoptable then they are provided sanctuary, a place to spend their life.This space is very limited We also provide free foster care for special needs, a little time to get things going, without having to lose their pet.

Adopting a friend

The adoption fee for dogs and puppies is $100.00, small dogs 20 lbs. and under are $125.00 and senior dogs over 5 years old are $70.00. Some pruebreed adoption fees may vary. All dogs and puppies are spayed or neutered, microchipped, recieve age appropriate vaccinations and adult dogs are tested for heartworm.

We require all homes have a fenced in yard, unless otherwise negotiated.
We are open to out of state adoptions.
All adopters are screened and must complete an application and pass our qualifications. An Adoption Contract must be completed and agreed upon the terms of an adoption. All animals are for companion purposes only.

Help our sanctuary animals

Some times it can be costly to save all these animals. Usually they pay for their care, we get them all taken care of and when they're adopted it covers the costs, if were lucky. Some care has been put into the animal already, like they have been sterilized, that really saves on costs. But sometimes the animal has problems that can cost quite a bit, if they are adoptable some of the expenses are covered. When we have a sanctuary animal we are responsible for all costs for the span of their life and with age the cost goes up. Believe me, the benefits out way the cost. The sanctuary animals would be adopted to the right home, but they are sanctuary animals, because their chances of being adopted are not good, a lot of the time they are old and only have limited years left. We believe rather than to euthanize these unwanted older animals, we prefer to give them their last few years they deserve. Because it is so costly to care for the sanctuary animals, we are limited to how many we can help. We have to get them fixed, and the older dogs cost more to fix. We have yearly vaccinations and heartworm preventatives and flee and tick control. We are always accepting donations to care for the sanctuary animals as well as all animals. Not just cash donations, but any items that would help, even if you just wanted to give an old dog a bone! They would love it so much! Thanks all the "Little Bears".

Donations can be sent to:
Little Bear Rescue
17 Storey Ave.
Belen, NM 87002
Phone: 505-861-6821
Email: / /a>
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