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The Village of Santa Clara now has 2 indoor dog kennels as well as 2 covered out door kennels. One of our new indoor kennels was donated to the village by one of our police officers. We have a heated and cooled kitty room that we are still working on. The kitties have large sized dog crates that give them room as well as room for their litter boxes,and for the more active cats we have two kitty condos. The room is fully enclosed and kitties can run and play in the room while kennels are being cleaned. We're hoping to get kitty climbing towers in the future. We have recently added a kitty play room, a small office with a BIG window and a window ledge for sitting. The room has comfortable chairs, scratching posts, kitty toys and of course a view. Everybody gets a turn in the play room.

Adopting A Friend

Santa Clara is just starting our adoption program, and so far has adopted out only dogs. At this time when we adopt out a dog, or cat, we charge for vaccinations and then make an appointment at la local veterinarian to have the animal spayed or neutered. On the day of the appointment the animal is dropped off at the vet, and the new owner picks the dog up there. The bill for the spay/neuter is payed by the owner at this time. So far this has worked for us, but plans are in the works to start a spay neuter fund, and offer certificates for reduced fees.

Who We Are

Until very recently The Village of Santa Clara didn't have it's own animal shelter. We had animal control officers but no where to house the animals. We are now located in the old Fire Department building, and I think we can turn it into a really nice small animal shelter. We have our adoption program up and going, a barn cat program for feral cats, our yearly rabies shot clinic keeps growing, and we're working to have a low cost spay neuter clinic sometime this coming spring, (2013).We've done a few shelter swaps with the animaal shelter in Deming which has worked out well for both of us. We hope to keep growing this coming year and appreciate all the help we've had from other agencies, rescues, humane societys, and shelters.

Come Visit Us

Santa Clara's new Animal Shelter is located 101 n Bayard st. in the old Fire Department next to City Hall . At this time we are not completely moved in and the shelter is only open to the public by appointment. We are working to make it a pleasant welcoming environment for both the animals and the public, give us a little time, and it will be. Right now the animals have it better than the humans.Give us a call to make an appointment to see what we're trying to do. 575-537-5464. Monday- Friday 8:00-5:00


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