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The Clovis Pet Rescue is solely comprised of volunteers wanting to make a difference for the animals in our area. We provide a second chance for animals that have been abandoned, abused, neglected, and/or owner surrendered. Animals taken in by our group will reside in temporary foster home until an approved forever home can be found or until space opens up in an approved no kill rescue or facility.

All of our available animals are in foster homes, so if you would like to arrange a time to visit any of them please email us to set up an appointment. In most cases an appointment can be arranged for that same day or the following day.

Unfortunately after 7 years of working with the local animal shelter, the Clovis Pet Rescue no longer be willing to deal with all the politics and drama that goes on with helping the animals in our local shelter. It saddens us that so many animals will lose their lives due to the actions of those in charge that are more willing to feed their egos and their pockets than save a life. We will not let this stop the work we do in our area. We believe our time and energy will be much more productive by helping other animals in need in and around our area before they end up in the local shelter.