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Southwest Collie Rescue covers a wide area, all of New Mexico, West Texas, El Paso Texas Area and Arizona. Southwest Collie Rescue dogs are located in all areas that we cover, please look at our webpage for more information.

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Who We Are

We rescue every purebred collie in our area needing help, no matter how old or how sick. All donations to Southwest Collie Rescue are tax-deductible under Sect. 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Adopting a friend

Prospective adopters should review our Adoption Procedures and return it, either by e-mail or regular mail.
You can send the Adoption Application as an attachment to an email to our Adoption coordinator for Southwest Collie Rescue or mail the application to SWCR, 52 Estrada Calabasa, Santa Fe, NM 87506.
Or you can simply send it to the volunteer you may already have contacted. If you e-mail the application please include a subject line such as 'Adoption Application for SWCR Collie' so that your e-mail won't be junked by spam filters. You will be notified of its receipt within 24 hours. If you do not receive an acknowledgement within this time period, please contact any SWCR representative and let us know that your application was not received. All adopters will need to be visited in their homes by an SWCR volunteer. Adopters should have have a securely fenced yard, a bed indoors for the collie at night, and a lot of love and attention to give to their rescued collie. Our adoption fees of $225 for puppies (younger than 12 months), $175 for adult collies (12 months old to under 10 years, and $125 for Seniors (10 years or older) helps cover some of the high costs of rescuing a collie who has been neglected or abandoned. All of our collies are thoroughly examined by a veterinarian; spayed or neutered, if necessary; brought up to date on vaccinations; tested for heartworm, and given a fecal exam. If many ticks are present, we also test for erlichia. Some collies may require X-rays, dental cleaning, surgery and various medications. Due to high gas prices and volunteer limitations, adopters interested in collies being fostered in distant locations should plan on participating in the transport of their new collies to their new homes. Depending on location and distance, this may require the adopter to arrange for the entire transport of their new collie. Adopters who are unable to participate in transport should seek the advice of their local SWCR representative.

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Southwest Collie Rescue Inc

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