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Adopting a Friend

If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs, please email us for an ADOPTION APPLICATION. We will gladly email it to you. After you have completed the application you can either email or fax it back to us (please request fax number in your email).

Volunteering and Donations

We are grateful for any donations!
We need your support in order to continue feeding, daily care and veterinary services that our rescue dogs require. Our veterinary bills are upwards of $8,000.00 to $11,000.00 each year. Some years more. This does not include all the time and effort our volunteers donate on a daily basis.
With gasoline prices so high it is proving difficult, at times, to transport dogs from shelters and urgent or needy situations into our rescue.
Please send any monetary donations to the White Boxer Rescue address below.
WE ARE IN DIRE NEED OF FOSTER HOMES in the southern New Jersey area. If you would like to become a foster home please contact us.

Placing Your Boxer For Adoption - Owner Surrender

Even when you are unable to keep your Boxer, your dog still depends on you to do what's best. Now, more than ever, your Boxer needs you to make the right choices for their future. And, it will take patience and persistence to find him/her the right home. He/she deserves your best efforts.
Our rescue serves the south Jersey area but we can sometimes push those limits in special circumstances. Please note that before coming into rescue we will need to discuss many things with you about your dog(health & behavior) in order to get a complete and thorough evaluation on your Boxer. Although we do accept dogs that need medical attention in certain situations, it is costly for our rescue to do so. Please keep in mind that when we are looking for a new home for your Boxer it makes it much easier for us to find a home if your Boxer is already spayed/neutered and up to date on shots. If you are able to, please consider having your Boxer spayed/neutered and brought up to date on shots before contacting us.
When placing your Boxer for adoption donations to our rescue are greatly needed and appreciated since we will need to feed him/her and have him/her seen by our own veterinarian to be sure there are no underlying medical conditions before going into their new home. Our rescue is run on the sole efforts of volunteers. We do not have a "shelter building". Our volunteers house and care for our rescue dogs in their own home. As a result, sometimes our rescue can be full and bursting at the seams! When placing your Boxer with us for adoption please understand that we will do all we can to bring them into rescue as quickly as we can. However, sometimes we may ask you to hold the dog for a little while so that we can find a suitable foster or permanent home for your Boxer. This means...if you call us today, we may or may not be able to accept your dog immediately (i.e., within a the next few hours or the very next day). It takes a bit of organizing to find a safe place for your Boxer that is also as stress free as possible for him/her.

We welcome and appreciate your interest and calls about our rescue. While we are happy to answer all your questions about our available dogs and our adoption process...please note that, many times, email is the best way to contact us since our telephone lines experience heavy call volume. We ask for your patience and cooperation. If you don't hear back from us in a reasonable amount of time, please try calling or emailing us again. We try our best but sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day. :-)

Connie & Dan Domeracki
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Caroline Woods
(609)597-6301 or (609)618-6313
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Tami Walker
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White Boxer Rescue LLC
P.O. Box 56
Port Elizabeth NJ 08348
Phone: 856-785-3140
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