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Our Pet List

"The degree of a people's civilization is reflected in its attitude toward animals".
John Galsworthy


Alot of folks seem to be looking for kittens. The kitten pictures on our site are just representative of kittens found in shelters everywhere. If you want to see more kittens, please enter the website and view the babies posted there.
We are in great need of volunteers
We at SOCS are looking for financial supporters, volunteers, donations of pet supplies, and food. We need your help---Whatever you can provide to us---Help us to help you.
Especially needed are volunteers to help feed the colonies and to pick up donations for their feeding. If you are interested, please write us at PO Box 7271 Freehold,NJ--07728---or email us here!

Please Help Us

It is really tough without a home!!!
When the weather turns colder, shelter is needed from the cold. Anybody have any ice coolers from this summer they no longer need??? Small entrance holes can be cut in them that make for a really cozy home when it's cold outside!!!

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In addition to fostering and educational activities, we participate in the $20.00 State Animal Control Program which allows spay/neuter procedures at participating veterinarians for animals adopted through us (when state funding is available).
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Food and equipment are always needed and much appreciated%