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Sorry, We Do NOT do Out of State Adoptions. Only NJ and NY allowed.


Adopting A Friend

The process of adoption is quite simple, it starts with a application that gets filled out on our website www.LovingHeals.org and then once your application is submitted and approved we continue on to step 2. Step 2 consist of a home inspection/check to assure that the animal is going to a safe and happy environment. Once step 2 is complete and the home inspector finds the home to be a safe place for the adopting animal, you get to take home your new best friend! There is a adoption fee of $295 in which includes the vaccinations,neutering/spaying,and micro chip of the animal. The adoption fee is due at the time of finally taking home your new family member. The adoption process usually takes 2-3 days and is very simple and far from complicated. Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

Who We Are

We want to be their VOICE! Helping Every Animal Live Society Inc. is a Not-for-profit Organization that is determined to help stop the euthanization of innocent animals in our shelters throughout the United States. We do this by rescuing the sheltered animals that are set to be EUTHANIZE (put to death) because they were never adopted or because the shelter is running out of room and can no longer house them. We feel that DEATH should never be an option! Helping Every Animal Society Inc. is dedicated to given all rescued animals a second chance at life by providing foster care and ultimately adoption. 

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For more info on a pet please call (973) 980-3098

Contact Helping Every Animal Live Society Inc. (H.E.A.L.S.)


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