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All Points North Rescue Facilitation began with one dog... and a plea for help from his rescuer. A Siberian Husky left in a GA shelter caught the eye of a woman in NH. She put out a plea for help. Another rescuer in NY saw the plea. The emails began to fly and help came through in time to save Musher. He was pulled on the last day from the shelter and to the safety of a local vet where he awaited pick up for his journey north to NH. He was malnourished and uncared for, yet he still trusted. He won the hearts of every transporter that weekend. That one dog was the impetus to save another, and another, and another.... ... yet Musher's story is a common one. The overburdening of shelters all over the nation, especially in the south, has caused an outcry of concerned individuals who have stepped forward to help the animals. There has been a movement of rescuers looking to the southern states to assist in this crisis and help move fosters to other areas of the country where the chance of adoption is greater. The focus has become those shelters that use gas chambers or heartsticks to kill unwanted pets. There are also scores of individuals working toward education and awareness of animal cruelty and as to where we as humans have failed our pets. All Points North has become a collaboration of volunteers spanning the map from GA to Canada who work diligently to help save lives. Most of the dogs we assist are in their eleventh hour. Some we have even saved as they were being walked to their deaths. Our goal is to work with rescue groups to help move these dogs to new beginnings. If you are interested in helping APNRF, please contact us. Volunteers for both temporary and long term foster are always needed. Transport drivers are also in need. A few hours of time may be all that it takes to help a homeless animal to a new life. We cannot save them all, but we CAN help.

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All Points North - Central Region

Bordentown, NJ 08505
Phone: Contact info can be found under each pet's profile.
Email: ericabrunorescuer@hotmail.com
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