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  • Food Bank
  • Low-Cost Gelding
  • Low-Cost Euthanasia
  • Fostering
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  • Education
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  • EDRF*
  • Legal Fund


EDRF is the pioneer Equine Disaster Relief Fund. To read more about these programs look on the page dedicated to each program. Learn what each program will do and how you can help.


Adopting A Friend

If you are looking for that perfect horse and best friend for life, take a look at some of the horses we have available for adoption. They come from varying backgrounds and are now ready and looking for that "forever" home.

An application can be found on any horse page of our website www.arabianrescuemission.org and can be emailed or mailed back. Photos and application fee are required before it will be processed. 

Once approved, a contract will be signed and the horse is ready to go home, if you choose each other. We hope every horse finds his happy Ever After!

Who We Are


National, multi-faceted organization involved in saving as many Arabians as possible.

  • We are National! We have representatives situated regionally for you to talk to, request help from or just give your input to.
  • We are Multi-Faceted! We offer assistance to owners needing help through a temporary setback, need to re-home their Arabians and where necessary, rescue from declining situations, seizures and meat buyers.
  • We are Pro-Active! We will assist owners in need, prior to the necessity of RESCUE. Whether it be to provide feed and hay, physical help, or re-homing their horses; we are there to HELP!
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We are the Arabian Horse Rescue Association!


We have set the standards for other animal rescue groups to follow. We provide educational tools, clinics and guidelines to avoid procedural improprieties; financially assist where necessary and follow up with requests.

Our representatives are courteous, professional and trained in the skills of negotiation and seizure and knowledgeable in rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing. They have extensive experience in horses, in general, and the Arabian horse, in particular.


Come Visit Us

We are located in the beautiful mountains of NW New Jersey. We love visitors and appointments can be made for every day but Mondays. Please contact us to schedule your visit now.

Groups are also welcome and can be scheduled Thursdays through Sundays.

Every horse that is available for adoption can also be leased on-site as a trial run. Please contact Terry at info@arabianrescuemission.org for more information on our leasing program.

Contact ARM for more information on these events, or see our event page!


Contact Arabian Rescue Mission, Inc.


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