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We can only take in and save as many animals as we have foster commitments for! We pull animals out of high-kill shelters, and take in owner surrenders on a weekly, and monthly basis, depending upon the availability of space in our foster homes. If we do not have the space to take in new animals as we are asked to, then we have to deny accepting them, which in many cases can mean euthanasia for that animal.

We are looking for people to foster any of the following: 2-6 month old puppies, 6 month or older dogs, Adult Cats, or Baby Kittens. Puppies and Young Dogs usually need fostering from as little as a few days, to a few weeks. Cats and Kittens usually take a bit longer to place.

Becoming a Foster Parent is a Rewarding Opportunity

It's not only beneficial for the animal, but for the family doing the fostering as well! Fostering can be a great hobby, that will fill those empty times with lots of joy and happiness! :)

By Adopting it's a Kind-Hearted gesture to Save one animal. By Fostering, It's a Revolving Door that can Save Hundreds!

We will provide all food, bedding, bowls, crates, and medical care for the foster animal. All we are asking for is your time, and for you to open up your home and hearts, to an animal that needs your help!

We Welcome and would Love anyone who has already Adopted from us, to come forward and Take In a Foster Animal!

But we also Look Forward to New Faces as well!

For any questions, or to Request a Foster Application Email us at CUDDLYCREATURESINC@YAHOO.COM


Who We Are

Cuddly Creatures Inc. Animal Rescue, is a small organization, that has our 501(C)(3)! Which means all donations given to our rescue are tax deductible! Also, animals adopted from our organization by people that are residents of NJ, that are not of age to be altered before adoption, now qualify for the NJ low-cost state spay/neuter program. We rescue animals from high-kill facilities, as well as from abusive and neglectful situations. Our rescue is run entirely by volunteers who are all strongly dedicated to placing our rescue pets in safe and loving forever homes. We primarily specialize in rescued dogs and puppies. But do take in cats and kittens on a limited basis, when we have the space. Every once in awhile you may even find an exotic animal on our site, as well. We do not have a shelter facility. All of our rescued pets are brought up-to-date on their vaccines, and other medical needs, and then live in foster care with loving families until adoption. This allows us to carefully evaluate their health, personalities, and family needs prior to being listed for adoption. If you have a love for animals and can provide a safe home please email us for an adoption application.

Adopting a friend

If you see a pet on our site that you are interested in, please e-mail us at for an adoption application. Upon reviewing the application, we will then try and approve you for adoption. Once approved, we will contact you to discuss the pet you are interested in and arrange a meeting with the pet. We may require a home visit to qualify for adoption. And if you live too far for us to do a home check, we may not be able to approve you to adopt from us. Also, we do have some restrictions with placing animals in homes with children under the age of 5. But we do consider each application on an individual basis. Therefore, these policies are not set in stone, if other criteria that we feel is important, can be met and sounds like a good fit for a particular animal. An adoption contract is a must with every adoption, and a spay & neuter contract will be required if the animal is not already altered before adoption. Adoption donations vary from animal to animal and range from $50-$450. Puppies are usually at the higher end of this range. We depend heavily on our adoption donations to continue doing what we do. They are our main source of funding, and all adoption donations are applied towards the needs and care of all pets in our rescue. Cuddly Creatures Inc. Animal Rescue works with several animal shelters, as well as the public, and we rescue new pets all of the time. If you do not see the pet you are interested in at this time please check back in the near future or you may also send us an application with details on the type of pet you are seeking and we can attempt to help you find your match! We update our site on a weekly basis, and post animals on it as we accept them into the rescue. ****Also please keep in mind that we take many factors into account when determining the breed of all of the animals that come into the rescue. And we do our best to categorize them correctly. But we are a rescue vs. a breeder, and we rarely get papers with any of the animals that come through our doors, so our determinations may not always be correct. Please understand this when adopting a rescue animal.


Cuddly Creatures Inc. is ALWAYS IN NEED OF FOSTER HOMES! Anyone interested in becoming a foster parent to a puppy, dog, kitten, or cat in need, please email us at to discuss this rewarding opportunity. A foster application will be sent to you and after review, a home check will be required in order to become approved as a foster parent. As a small organization we are always in need of any and all pet related donations. New or Used. Collars/Leashes, Food, Food Bowls, Crates/Kennels of all sizes, Frontline, Worm Preventatives, Blankets, Towels, Bedding, Wee Wee Pads, Cleaning Products, Paper Towels, Cat Litter, Any other Cat Products, and of course cash donations are needed. Everything helps!

Come Visit Us!

Cuddly Creatures Inc. Animal Rescue does not have a shelter facility to visit. All of our pets live in foster homes with loving foster families. If you see a pet on our site that you are interested in meeting please email for an adoption application.
Cuddly Creatures Inc. Animal Rescue and Adoptions

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