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Who We Are

Feline Friends is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping cats in need. Each cat within the adoption program has its own unique, and sometimes sad, story. Your love and compassion helps us create happy endings to their stories.

All of the cats taken in by Feline Friends are housed at one of three New Jersey animal hospitals. The cats receive top notch medical care from the moment they enter the hospital until the day the right owner comes along and gives them a forever home. Upon arrival at the hospitals, every cat is tested for FIV/FELV, spayed or neutered (once old enough) and treated for any other illness or medical condition that needs to be addressed.

There are cats of all ages and varying personality types within our program. Some cats may adapt very quickly to a new environment, while others may need a little time. All they ask is that you be patient with them. As you read some of the success stories that follow, think about all that they’ve been through. While there are some cats that will require extra patience on your part, once they get comfortable with you and your home, they’ll repay you with more love than you would have thought possible. There are great rewards that come from rescuing a pet in need.

We’ll start with the story of Plato. Several years ago, someone discovered a litter of kittens on a set of railroad tracks in the middle of winter. Sadly, five of the seven were already frozen to death. Plato and her brother Confucius made their way to Feline Friends, who quickly found a perfect home for Confucius. Plato, however, spent almost four years living at the animal hospitals. She’d always been so shy that the staff could barely touch her. Day after day, week after week, she just sat in her cuddle box in the corner of her cage, head hung low.

A member of the hospital staff became determined to win Plato over. Slowly, she was able to coax her out of her cage during playtime. Eventually, Plato allowed the staff member to pet her head. After more than six months of lots of patience and TLC, the staff member finally won her over. When she would walk into the cat room, Plato would jump down off of her perch, pace back and forth, letting out the tiniest meow until she got the woman’s attention. The staff member knew that Plato trusted her in way she’d never trusted another human. And though she wasn’t looking to adopt any more animals, she took Plato home, knowing that it wouldn’t be an easy adjustment.

An entire week passed before Plato even came out during daylight hours, and two months passed before Plato left the security of her bedroom. Plato has since become an absolute love, though she’s still very timid. She recently celebrated nine months of being in her new home, which she marked by curling up in her owner’s lap for the first time. According to her owner, it’s been a long but very rewarding journey.

The staff at Toms River Animal Hospital will never forget Curbside. Rescued by a Home Depot employee, Curbside was found, left for dead, alongside the curb in a Home Depot parking Lot. The weeks old kitten had apparently been hit by a car, suffering a badly broken leg. Feline Friends covered the cost of her medical expenses until she was as good as new. She’s now living the good life with one of the hospitals wonderful clients.

It was a cold Christmas morning several years ago when the early morning kennel staff arrived at the hospital. Upon pulling into the parking lot, a staff member noticed a box sitting outside of the front door. Inside was Ozzie, one of the most handsome cats they’d ever seen. Ozzie was a long haired tuxedo cat with quite a quirky personality. He soon became a staff favorite, playfully boxing everyone who opened his cage. Ozzie was a beautiful young cat with a great personality and no health issues. Why would anyone abandon him? And how could anyone be so cruel as to do so on a bitter cold, December night? Ozzie has since found his forever home, which he seems to love based on the frequent picture updates we receive from his new owner.

Marley was rescued by Feline Friends when his owner brought him to one of the animal hospitals mere minutes from death, suffering from a urethral obstruction. Even though he’d shown symptoms of being very sick for two days, his owner failed to get him the medical attention that he so desperately needed until it was almost too late. She was preparing to have him put to sleep that morning, at only two years old! A call was made to Feline Friends, who agreed to cover the cost of his life saving procedure if his owner would agree to surrender him to Feline Friends.

Marley received the necessary medical treatment to relieve his obstruction, but it was weeks before the doctors knew if he’d make a full recovery. Since he was near death when he arrived at the hospital, no one knew what kind of personality Marley actually had. During his recovery, he was on several pain medications that had him loving life! The staff was happy to discover that once his pain meds were no longer necessary, Marley was extremely affectionate. Every morning the kennel staff opens his cage to be greeted by Marley climbing out into their arms, affectionately nuzzling their chins and noses. Marley has made an amazing recovery. The only thing he needs now is his perfect forever home.

These are just a few of the hundreds of success stories made possible by Feline Friends.Please click here to view our Happy Tails page and read more stories about our rescues who have found forever homes. Cats that would have otherwise been put to sleep due to medical condition, age or fear of people have been saved and placed in loving homes. If you are considering bringing a new cat into your home, please think about the story that you just read and consider a rescue.

There are many, many wonderful adult cats in need of loving homes. These cats have often had their lives turned upside down. Some have made their way to Feline Friends because their owners passed away or became ill, some were spared from euthanasia at a local animal shelter, and several were the lucky survivors of a tragic house fire that claimed the lives of over 40 cats. Our rescue has many great cats waiting to become wonderful new family members. Please contact us so we can give you more information about our Feline Friends.

Adopting a Feline Friend

We ask that you stop in to one of our locations so that we may match you with a kitty just right for you and your lifestyle. There is also a pre-adoption form that is filled out prior to adoption. If you are interested in making one of our wonderful rescues a part of your family and giving him or her a forever home, want more information about our rescue, or would like to come meet our rescues, please call 732-349-4599 and ask Melanie P., Caitlyn, or Amy OR call 732-270-4700 and ask to speak with Melissa or Kim.

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Feline Friends, Inc
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Email Feline Friends: Melissa.Connahey@vcahospitals.com

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